Sunday, August 19, 2012

coping mechanism

Just like most babies, mine has her off moments when she throws tantrums, gets mad and pushes my face, or dumps out whole boxes of plastic silverware.  She is an extremely good little girl, but of course during her naughty moments I have been prone to getting a bit frustrated.  For the moments when I have the urge to express too much anger or frustration, I have a funny secret.  It helps me give Olivia hugs when she throws tantrums instead of walking away mad, and speak softly and clean up calmly when she lets me know she is finished with dinner by swiping all remaining food onto the floor.  The secret to my newfound patience and buoyancy is:

During those moments I pretend I am on a reality show.


Have you ever watched Keeping up with the Kardashians, or Real Housewives, or The Bachelor, and thought "How can they act like that!  Did they forget they are being filmed?!  Don't they realize their whole family will be watching later and see how embarrassing their behavior is?"

In my own personal reality show....there are no longer many embarrassing moments pertaining to frustration with my child.  

The amount of doughnuts I eat is a different story.  

Don't get the wrong idea, I'm not a very angry person or prone to yell and punch things.  I have been guilty, however, of speaking a little too sharply to my toddler, or getting downright snappy at Jack and storming out of the room when I'm frustrated at one or both of them.  Nowadays I stop and think how it would look to other people when I act like this and how I want to be portrayed as a wife and mother.

The funny thing is, the less I get mad, the less I want to get mad.  I have learned that bad reactions from me create bad reactions from Olivia.  The more patient I am and the more I play with her or distract her from bad behavior instead of getting cranky myself, the better she seems to act.

This week I should be awarded an Emmy.  Olivia is cutting four teeth.  
remember my Oscar?  Have you ever met anyone with so many imaginary accomplishments? :)
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