Thursday, August 9, 2012

This Week

- I uploaded a new Tigger and Pooh episode to Olivia's ipad for her to watch in the car during errands.  In this episode Tigger gets the hiccups and apparently it is just the funniest thing Livs has ever seen.  She laughed until she was gasping for air.  The second time around I was ready with my phone camera, but didn't quite get the same reaction.  Either way, baby laughter always brightens a day.

-I recorded an episode of Mickey Mouse Clubhouse on our DVR where Goofy turns into a baby.  Yesterday when Livi was watching it, I was in the other room getting ready.  She suddenly started crying pretty big crocodile tears.  I ran into the room, but couldn't see any bumps on her head.  She kept pointing the the TV screen where 'baby Goofy' was crying.  This morning she watched the same episode while I was in the room and I couldn't find the remote fast enough to skip forward when it got to the sad part.  Once again when Baby Goofy got sad, Olivia burst into tears.  It was so sweet :)
   -We bought Olivia a little playset with a slide.  The girl has got a serious slide fetish.  When we went to the playset store and she saw a room full of slides, she nearly died of happiness.  Then when I had to carry her out of the store she nearly just died.  It was 95 degrees outside when we got home so I set it up in our living room.  Yes, I'm the same girl who spent hours and hours trying to find the perfect accent rug for the room.  That was before I had a baby.  Now we have outdoor play equipment as decor.  We call it ghetto fabulous and are fine with it and I'll tell you why: tonight I put a warm, sweaty, worn out, happy baby to bed and was rewarded with seven (7!) voluntary kisses on the lips, which I can only assume were a 14-month-old's version of "thank you for the slide".  In MomLand we call that a paycheck.  She fell asleep faster than I've ever seen.  A smile still on her lips.
-I started running again. The other day I decided I want to lose 5 pounds before a certain trip we have planned.  Ever since then my mind has decided I am starving every 20 minutes.  It's fantastic.  I always gain about 10 pounds every summer, I don't know why since winters usually have comfort and holiday food and summers are full of long walks, swimming, and fresh fruits and vegetables, but August is always my heaviest month every year.

-A donut shop opened up by our house.  It looks like a firehouse.  We've been every day since.  I won't tell you my favorite donut or how amazing it is because you might go order it and I have already been told twice that they are out of it when I pull up to order.  I'd rather it not happen again.

-Olivia has decided that she must use utensils now.  She won't eat without them and is getting pretty good with a fork.  The spoon is a little trickier since she has to learn to turn it the right way and not dump the food out, but she is getting better.

-Three things further insured Jack's spot in the Husband Hall of Fame this week. 1)When the aforementioned donut shop ran out of my favorite donut, he made a late night run to Macey's to find a similar one.  2) Tonight he made yet another late night run to Sonic without even letting me finish my sentence about craving a breakfast burrito (as you can see, the diet is coming right along). 3) I told him how much I wanted to see Seven Brides at Sundance.  Jack would rather walk on hot coals than sit through something like that, but he called Sundance, was told they were sold out, put his name on a standby list, and finally scored two tickets for us.

-Saturday is my mom's birthday.  We are going to the Aquarium and out to lunch.  I'm excited to see the otters and baby sharks.
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