Saturday, September 15, 2012

Bear Lake. longhand version

This is Tasha, Kassi, and Clar.  They are my best friends.

We have been trying to plan a friends trip all year.  Jack and I happened to work out a weekend stay at a lake house by Bear Lake the last first weekend in September.  I told my friends. They said they could come.  We all obsessed over it for two months, planning and emailing about it.  It, of course, turned out to be the best trip ever.  We decided it would be the first of an annual friends reunion.  The theme was 'Haters Gonna Hate.'  Cause we're funny like that.

The trip included:
*Pulling up to the big lake house and picking out bedrooms
*Settling in and unpacking food
*Pizza, salad, and fruit with dip for lunch
*Games in the backyard (the one where you loop balls on rope around poles? I have no idea what it's called. Doesn't matter, the girls kicked the boys' trash.)
*Fresh raspberry shakes in town
*Volleyball in the backyard
*Boys playing pool while girls played Scrabble
*BBQed burgers and hot dogs, chips, and watermelon from Kass and Eric, eating on the back porch
*Late nights playing boardgames
*Late night talks for the girls
*Inappropriate jokes and innuendos from the boys
*Morning prep for the lake, weirdly yummy brownie muffins from Tasha
*Comparing two fruit dips
*Gloriously warm weather, glassy lake, no other boats
*Olivia experiencing her first tidal wave
*Most of us trying wakesurfing for the first time! Tracy, Jordan, and Clar got up on the first try!
*Kass and Eric impressing the heck out of us with their skills
*My hat blowing off and Eric swimming 75 miles to get it, gentleman that he is
*Babies sprawling out on the boat seats, eating licorice
*Getting chilled by the water and going back to warm up with Clar's delicious tortilla soup
*The boys battling it out on the water wienie
*Matching shirts from Tasha and Jordan
*Dinner in town with two cranky babies, matching ensembles, spills, and noise
*More board games, hot tubbing in the late night/early morning hours
*Everyone recounting first impressions of each other and memories from how we all met
*Lounging in the theatre room because no one wanted to go to bed on our last night
*Packing up and cleaning faster than I've ever seen any group clean.  Being seriously impressed with my friends
*Taking final pictures and saying goodbyes.  Making promises for next year's reunion.
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