Saturday, September 29, 2012

Book Club

So Tasha recommended this book to me a few months ago and I had been excited to read it.  We have such similar taste that I love getting recommendations from her because I know that most of the time if she loves a book or movie, I will too.

It's called The Red Tent 

and it is incredible.

The book is about the lives of some of the women in the book of Genesis from the Bible.  It is told from Dinah's point of view about her father (Jacob), her mothers, (Leah, Rachel, Zipah, Bilhah) and is about the workings and stories of the inner circle of the women back then.

I give it a 10 out of 10.

Anita Diamant is a beautiful writer and the details and emotions are so vivid that you can literally feel what these women are feeling.  It links all women and their struggles, and makes you feel a sisterhood with every mother and wife that ever lived (I know, wow ;)  ).  I have never felt so proud and important in these roles than when I read this book. I love one of the opening lines from the book that says "In order to truly know a woman, you must first know her mother."

I will warn you though, The Red Tent is a very adult book.  It is extremely matter-of-fact about things like menstruation, childbirth, and sex.  Back then these were the things on women's minds most of the time (and feeding their family) and not things like.... clubs :)  so they were very open about discussing the facts and rituals around these very natural parts of life.  She is also very frank about the joys and sorrows that women face.  The first time I have ever shed happy tears while reading a book was during a birth scene.  I also cried sad tears at certain points.  The book is completely relatable and completely wonderful.  If you read it, you will be thinking about it for months afterward.

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