Tuesday, September 25, 2012

goings on

I decided it was time to wash my white duvet when I could count more than three different colors smeared on it.
  1. stiff milk spills 
  2. tiny Cheeto fingerprints (no, I do not give my toddler Cheetos.  Which only leaves one other   
  3. Unidentified pink smears that may or may not be allergy pill dye from when I dug a pill out of Liv's 
  4. Blue crayon marks.

Whole grain Eggo waffles have become a staple in our house.  They are the filler for when Olivia doesn't eat enough dinner.  I usually just throw one into her crib when she goes to bed at night.  And then congratulate myself on treating my child like a puppy :/ at least she goes to bed happy.  Plus they are delicious. 

I wish I knew how much television other peoples' kids really watched.  It is so nice to be able to get things done while Olivia is sitting in front of Disney Jr or a movie, but I often feel guilty about it.  I tell myself that as long as she gets enough love and stimulation during the rest of the day, I'm allowed to let her watch an hour a day.  how much TV is too much?

I try to get Olivia out of the house twice a week for fun, child-centered outings or activities (this can not include shopping trips).  Lately we've been to the petting zoo, a park in Provo Canyon that has a stream to wade through, Discovery park in PG, and the pond near our house.  These trips also ease what will now be known as my 'TV guilt.'

I'm so frustrated with the temperature regulation in our house.  The upstairs gets so much warmer than downstairs, which means Olivia's room is toasty when she goes to sleep, despite fans and an open window, and then 68 degrees by morning.  I have to sneak in to her room at midnight and close her window, turn off her fan, and cover her up.  I'm sure she still gets cold by morning though and I'd rather not wake up at 5am to turn on the heat.

Jack got a root canal on Thurs and I have to get braces.  Okay, I don't have to; but my teeth have all shifted and the ortho recommended them.  Plus I have not been thrilled with my smile for a while so I have decided to bite the bullet and get them.  They'll probably be on within the next couple of weeks.  Jack never had braces and I've never had a cavity.  I hope Olivia gets his straight teeth and my strong enamel!

We got a Blendtec!  I was not all for it since I am not a big fan of smoothies; I'd rather eat the separate ingredients whole than make them into a pulp.  Plus I had a bad experience while pregnant and sick.  Jack loves them though and he and the Blendtec salesman ambushed me at Costco and sold me on one.   The biggest upside is how much easier it is to get veggies into my husband and daughter in a form they both love.

I got a new calling, Activity Days leader in the Primary for the 8-11 year-olds (I'm over the 10-year-olds).  For those of you who remember, I was in my dream calling in the Young Women's before the ward split, and then I started to feel really down about being callingless for a while.  My first night of Activity Days I walked by the YW room and a bunch of my old girls came out and hugged me.  I went home and cried.  I told Jack I felt like I was in the wrong place and that I missed my old calling.  He said all kinds of encouraging and affirming things and I feel better.  I think this will be a really good experience...until I can get called back into the Young Women's :) jk...sort of.

I want to get Olivia a Lalaloopsy doll for Christmas and am having a hard time deciding on one!  There are so many and they are all darling. have you jumped on the Lalaloopsy bandwagon? Which ones are your favorites?

I love the cooler weather and darker mornings.  Olivia and I have been snuggling in bed every morning, enjoying cool breezes at the park, making pumpkin cookies and soup, and setting out Halloween decorations.  Plus September is Jack's favorite month so he has had a perma-grin all month. Which is wonderful.

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