Thursday, September 13, 2012

Olivia's first horse ride

Monday we went to the petting zoo at Thanksgiving Point.  Actually it wasn't so much a petting zoo as a touch something and get doused with sanitizer zoo.  So we'll just call it a small farm.  It probably wasn't dirtier than other zoos, there was just a lot of poop and dirt, and the chickens certainly looked like they had seen better days.  The farm had tons of sanitizer dispensers though, and a large fountain at the end with soap to wash your hands in.

Olivia saw pigs and goats for the first time, loved running around with her cousins, and found tons of rocks to hold in her hands or mouth.


 She spotted the horses early and and made a beeline over to them, then experienced her first horse ride!  I have a photo of my first horse ride (my dad is quite the cowboy and he has always owned and trained horses so it was kind of a big deal), and if I had more energy right now I'd go dig my photo out of a box in the garage, but I don't.  So imagine a little girl Olivia's age with spiky pigtails a bit darker than Liv's hair, sitting on a massive horse with an old cowboy (my dad's cousin).  Livi was so brave.  She sat right on the horse, held on to the horn like I showed her, and even patted the horse's mane without prompting and sang him a song.  Once he started to move she got a little nervous, but never cried.

 By the time we tried a horse-drawn carriage ride, Livs was over the whole experience, and it was long past nap time.
When Olivia started cutting out her second nap, I was nervous.  I had come to depend on two breaks a day where I could do cleaning, laundry, and have 'me time.'  It actually has been great though!  When we go out we don't have to rush home for anything and our schedule is much more open and flexible because she can just take one nap during the day and we are able to push it back if we need to in order to accommodate our schedules instead of hers.  If we are home and I need a second break, I can usually just put her in her pack and play to read books and play with toys while I get some things done.  

Those with a toddler, was cutting down to one nap easier or harder for you?
Are there any other good zoos or farms in Utah that I should know about?

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