Thursday, July 5, 2012

one of the greats

as great as our 4th was, the day after was even better.

I love rain, it's my favorite kind of weather.  We've had a bit of a dry spell and with all of the fires lately, we've needed it badly.  It has been pretty scary to have so many evacuations so close to our house, but we have been very blessed in that we haven't had a fire get too close to us or any close friends of family.  Those affected by the fires are in our prayers.

Anywho, yesterday I woke up to heavy skies and and thick, smoky air.  I got baby out of her crib and fed her by our large bedroom window, under the cover of dark clouds.  By 9:30am it had started to rain.  For lunch we ate at the Trellis Cafe at Thanksgiving point and watched the rain fall.  Olivia liked walking in the puddles out on their patio.

I brought home one of their amazing chocolate silk desserts and while Liv napped, I curled up on the couch and ate it while reading my book and listening to the rain.

That night Jack's little sister came over to babysit and we saw The Amazing Spiderman.  I love sitting in a dark theatre, eating popcorn, and holding my husbands hand.

On the way home we picked up In N Out and ate it while watching Love in the Wild on our TiVo.

I love my life, I love who I married, and I feel so blessed to have everything that I do.
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