Monday, October 1, 2012

16 months

yes I skipped 15 months.  I could pretend there was a deeper reason than being lazy, but sadly there was not.

- Olivia is busy, busy, busy.  She always has a job to do whether it be opening and shutting doors (she is just tall enough and almost strong enough to turn the doorknob, eek!), filling and emptying containers, getting out and stacking tupperware, or trying to locate the plunger.

-she can say a few new words, including cracker, sucker, shoes, Taft (her good buddy), clap, aaaaaannddd...wait for it..... MAMA!!!!  Yes. My girl has finally given in and said my name.  She'll only say it when she is mad/sad/wants something, but still.  Warm fuzzies.  She will also say no no and shake her head.  She doesn't understand the context though and will usually shake it when she sees something she likes.

- she is getting tall and skinny.  At one point she could fit into 3t clothes because of her chunky thighs, but now can wear most of her 18-24 month stuff again.  She is able to reach up onto the table or counter and we have to remember to place things in the center of the counter.  She can also climb up onto the couch by herself.

-Livi's favorite food is still grapes.  She also loves cheese and cottage cheese, smoothies, cereal, noodles, zucchini, and peanut butter.

-sometimes she seems more like a rambunctious little boy than a girl.  Olivia loves to find and pick up bugs, get dirty, and pulls bows out of her hair.  She likes to run and climb until she is red-cheeked, sweaty, and tired and has staticky hair from rubbing her head on the couch, floor, slide, etc.  When I read books to her, she gets too rough and almost tears the pages.  When I try to draw pictures with her she is more interested in putting the crayons in the box and dumping them out again.  There are two things that betray her sweeter nature though.  First, she loves her dollies.  She pushes them around in their stroller several times a day (never mind the fact that if she ever gets the stroller stuck somewhere she will pick it up and chuck it, spilling dollies everywhere).  Secondly, our girl is very affectionate.

-She loves to give hugs, kisses, and snuggles.  Her kisses are the sweetest thing ever; she will lean in, pucker her lips, and make the "mmmmuahhh" sound.  She will give us a kiss whenever one of us is laying on the ground, as if we are hurt and she is helping us feel better, or when she is enjoying the game we are playing, or simply to say thank you for a treat or for putting one of her shows on TV.

-Her favorite show is still Mickey Mouse Clubhouse followed by Little Einsteins.  She also likes Wonderpets and Oswald on the ipad.  She can also sit through most of a movie and has liked Shrek, The Little Mermaid, and Toy Story.

-She now has both bottom 'bunny rabbit' teeth, both top front, and is just getting her top sides.

-She will open her mouth to let me brush her teeth, but will only tolerate it for about 4 seconds before she pulls away, then I have to pin her down to finish.

-Little Miss is not a big fan of swimming pools.  She doesn't cause too much of a fuss, she'd just rather get out.  She isn't scared, I think she just doesn't like to be cold. She does enjoy showers now though and will play in the bottom of the shower until literally have to drag her out.

-Once a week I'll strip her down and let her eat her own ice cream cone on the back porch.  She gets super excited and dances and sings while she eats.  She loves taking a sink bath after every cone.

-She loves taking showers now.  We have a walk-in, rock tile shower where she'll sit in the bottom and play with cups and bottles for as long as I'll let her.  When I open the curtain she knows it is time to get out and she will scurry to the far corner where I can't reach her and stand there looking at the floor, shuffling her feet.  As though if she avoids my gaze, she won't have to get out.

-Olivia loves playing Duplo Legos with her dad and has learned how to place them correctly and snap them down onto the base.

-The other night I gave her a plain waffle to eat while sitting in Jack's lap and watching TV.  She slid off the couch and started playing with her toys on the floor.  After a while I couldn't find her waffle.  I knew she hadn't finished it, but it was no where to be found.  The next morning she and I were reading a book on the couch.  She climbed down, walked over to the entertainment center that the TV sits on, opened a drawer, took out the missing half of the waffle, climbed back into my lap, and resumed listening to the book while she finished her snack :)

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