Monday, October 29, 2012

sometimes I think I'm funny

today Olivia got a small pumpkin flashlight in her kid's meal at Arctic Circle.  When I put her to bed, she was overly tired and was hysterically crying, so I gave her the flashlight in her crib to calm her down.  Twenty minutes later, I was sitting in bed reading when Jack came in and looked at her video monitor.  She was laying on her stomach, half asleep, and kept pushing the button on the flashlight, so all you could see on the night vision was light coming out of her hand and then turning off.

Jack: What the!!
Me: Oh my gosh!  Our baby has magical powers!
Jack: What....?
Me: Look, she can make light shine out of her hand!  Oh wait, here comes Hagrid through her window... he's handing her something.  It's an invitation to Hogwarts!

By this time Jack had figured out what was happening, and was not as amused as I was.
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