Thursday, October 11, 2012

What She Wore

I bet you thought I was going to forget all about my vow to attempt to be stylish and post photos didn't you?!
HA!! You wish.
I mean...I didn't forget.

Where she went: to run errands and grab lunch with the husband.
What she wore: A rad scarf I picked up at Down East.  I have a scarf obsession.  They are taking over my closet.  Black shirt from Modbod, AE jeans, and unremarkable black flats.
a necessary evil of instagram is that sometimes you have to chop your head off to get a square photo.
 I got these earrings from H&M and thought they merited a close-up.
 oh, and my watch is fossil.
In hindsight, this outfit would have looked better with long jeans instead of cuffed capris, but it was still pretty warm out and I was already wearing a scarf so I guess I needed some breeze on my ankles.
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