Wednesday, November 28, 2012

18 months

18 months is definitely a milestone.  Olivia has become her own little person.  She knows what she likes and dislikes, she communicates with us fairly easily, and she knows routine and can plan accordingly.  I've stopped thinking of her as our baby; partly because a new baby is taking shape in my mind, and partly because she just isn't anymore.  We got a note on our door last week welcoming Olivia to the Nursery in our ward.  I got very sad.

As she hits the 18-month mark, Olivia:

is a CLIMBER. She is always moving, running and finding things to climb up on.  Two days ago I was doing dishes and hear her moving the barstools around.  I turned a moment later to find her sitting on the counter.  Just chillin'. Drinking a water bottle that she had apparently seen up there and wanted

Can take her pants, coats, shoes, and socks off

loves to build Lego Duplo houses and castles with Daddy

has her own language.  She thinks she is talking just like we are.  She'll mimic our intonations, she just doesn't know all the words yet

LOVES her cousins and her little friend, Taft.  She is very good at sharing and taking turns

is super affectionate and gives lots of hugs and kisses.  I love it, but I'm afraid her playmates do not.

loves to laugh and play tricks

also seems like such a deep thinker.  She is so focused on whatever she is doing and most often has a serious look on her face as she studies something or goes about a very important task

has dance parties with us and is very good at twirling

loves to watch Mickey Mouse Clubhouse and her favorite Disney movie so far is Toy Story

is not a picky eater, but is selective about veggies by themselves lately.  Her favorites are corn and zucchini, others I sometimes have to mix into sauces or smoothies

knows when she is doing something naughty and, when caught, will run away or pretend to be doing something else

likes to shut doors. I don't know why.  I think she feels powerful when she can shut someone into or out of a room.  She'll also shut herself into a room when she has found something naughty to do like eat a whole pack of gum or climb on something high

Olivia's daily nap has been hit-or-miss lately.  Sometimes she will go down and sometimes she will just yell and whine for a long time.  I still leave her in her bed on the days when she won't sleep because I still depend on that break in the day to get things done or rest, especially with the pregnancy sickness.  I'm hoping she'll get back into the habit of sleeping!

The other day we were at Deseret Book and she heard a child throwing a tantrum.  She went in search of the crying child, whom she found standing in line at the checkout hanging on to her mother's pant leg and crying.  Olivia walked up and put her hand on the girl's shoulder to comfort her and then looked up at the mom as if to say "Well?  Aren't you going to do anything about this?"  It was embarrassingly funny

Yesterday I took Liv to Kid2Kid.  There is a kid's corner in the back of the store with high walls so your kids can play in there without escaping.  I put Olivia inside the walls where the toys were and proceeded to browse.  After a couple of minutes I could hear a commotion going on in her direction so I went to check on her.  Apparently a little girl wanted to get into the kid's area, but couldn't get over the wall.  Olivia had pushed one of the flimsy plastic chairs over against the wall on the inside, and was teetering on it while trying to haul the (older) girl over the wall by the arms.  The girl's mother was trying to explain to her daughter that they needed to go into the bathroom before she could go in the kid's area, but Olivia and the girl were determined to get her over that wall, with or without the mother's help :)

All of the words Olivia used to say, she doesn't use anymore.  She uses her own language and motions for what she wants.  I'm a little concerned about this, but she can understand almost everything we say and will do as she is asked or will notice the thing we are talking about.  Also sometimes she will just surprise us with a word we didn't know she could say, and then never say it again.  The other day at the park she walked up to a boy and proceeded to ask him about the "slide". . . . although it sounded a little like this:  "adffwoein fmfip weorj slide?"

I am so excited to see our little Livi as a big sister.  She is the most caring little girl I've ever seen and I know she will be so patient and loving with her little sibling.

Monday, November 26, 2012

control monger

notice I chose the word monger instead of freak? :) It sounded kinder.

Last night I was laying in bed, feeling so sick that I couldn't even roll over.  I looked at the clock, it was Olivia's bedtime.  She was in the living room watching a movie with Jack.  I thought about asking Jack to put her to bed.  Then I thought about all of the parts of Olivia's bedtime routine that I like doing just so.  I decided I'd rather put her to bed.  Me, the one who was so sick I couldn't even roll over in bed.  I took a minute to decide if I was, in fact, capable of relinquishing control, decided it was unavoidable, and asked Jack to put her to bed.  I called him in and gave him a laundry list of instructions that probably sounded ridiculous; I don't know if he completed half of them, but I didn't ask after because I'd rather sleep soundly tonight than know that he forgot to put medication on her eczema spots or pull her diaper tightly over her bum so she didn't get diaper wedgies.

I often contemplate making a full schedule and set of rules and specific instructions for Jack to follow for how to take care of Olivia in the case that I were to die.  I'd leave the stack of papers in an envelope in my desk for him to find.  I know this sounds morbid and I have never gone so far as to type up such instructions, but I know it would put my mind at rest a little.  As it is, the instructions sit in my head.  Every time something about her schedule or needs change I make a mental note to change it in my set of instructions.

I like to do things myself.  I like knowing how they were done and that they were done to my specifications.  Is this a crazy thing or just a mom thing? (not the death note thing, I know that is a little over-the-top.  Just the whole wanting to do things myself).

Sunday, November 25, 2012

thanksgiving 2012

Holidays can get a little tricky when both sets of parents are divorced.  My dad lives in St George, but we usually try to plan time with the other three parents. We are so lucky that most of our family live in Utah and we can see them frequently.  It was really a wonderful day spent with family, and I was blessed to be feeling good enough to eat all of the delicious food.  This year we had two very different Thanksgiving meals this year.

We got to my mom's early in the morning and put together three different jello salads (pistachio, lemon cream, cran-raspberry.  A Tanner tradition).  My sister, Taylor, brought her new boyfriend, and he volunteered to cook the turkey and make the stuffing! (Talk about getting in good with the gf's family ;) ).  I brought homemade apple pie with caramel sauce and pumpkin cheesecake, my mom also put together her favorite asian green salad.  We all crowded around her table in her small kitchen in mismatched chairs and ate and laughed.  Cozy and homey, with our family's favorite food.

We then rushed over to Jack's Aunt's house for his extended family's meal.  There were dozens of people there and his aunt had gone all out, setting out 6 different tables with fancy place setting and marble centerpieces that she had broken up herself!  There was a buffet with matching serving platters and raised bowls heaping with hot rolls, stuffing, etc.  It was super fancy and so much fun!

My family has a tradition of going around the table on Thanksgiving and each saying what we are most thankful for.  When I think back over the years of things I have said, it is interesting to me to see how my most precious things have changed.  Growing up I probably said things like stuffing or my favorite toys, as a teenager I remember being thankful for making it onto certain teams or the cheer squad and for my friends and car.  A common theme has always been family.

My gratitude this year has eclipsed that of other years.  I have been unbelievably blessed to have found and married Jack, have a sweet, amazing little girl, and now to be blessed with another baby.

Most of Jack's siblings have been at his mom's since Thanksgiving and when his brother's family is down from Idaho, he likes to spend late nights over there playing games with everyone.  Last night I came home to put Olivia to bed and started feeling especially sick (from the pregnancy).  Sometimes it gets really bad at night when I am worn out from the day.  I called Jack just to get some sympathy, but told him NOT to come home since it was his last night with his family, and that I would just go to bed.  Next thing I know, he is walking through the door with food from one of my favorite places.  He cleans the kitchen while I open my food to discover that they got the order wrong.  He then goes back out to return it and get the real order.  He settles me in with a movie and makes sure I am feeling better before heading back to his mom's, having missed dinner and games with them.  He never stops trying and never gets lazy at the whole 'husband' bit.  Every day I feel like his top priority.

Just as I was going to bed, Olivia started crying.  I would usually just give her a minute to fall back asleep, but last night I went up to see her.  She heard me come in and reached up to me.  When I picked her up, she slumped over my shoulder and snuggled into me.  Just as I thought she had fallen asleep on me, she lifted her head and gave me a warm, mushy kiss right on the mouth.  She still has her sweet baby breath and I hugged her and smelled her for a few more minutes before laying her back in her crib.  She is getting so big now and I cherish these baby moments more than ever.  She is such a sweet, affectionate soul and I feel so blessed to be able to call her mine.

I hope everyone had such an amazing Thanksgiving with family and friends :)

Friday, November 23, 2012

Friday Stats

today it Black Friday, and while my husband, the Black Friday fiend, is out stocking up on thousands of DVDs I'd like to start a tradition that I've thought is cute on other blogs I've read and is a fun way to track and document things.  Friday stats while I'm pregnant:

How many weeks along: 10.  I get a week further on Sundays, so I'm almost 11.
weight gained so far: 2 lbs.
baby's gender: unkown
best moment of the week: Spending Thanksgiving with our families and feeling good enough to eat!
worst moment: having a reaalllly sick night on Tuesday.
cravings: I was looking forward to jello salad on Thanksgiving, sooo good.
aversions: anything too potent, like Mexican.  Baked potatoes (with the skin), raw onions.

I'll have to check someone else's list to see if I want to add any more questions...

Monday, November 19, 2012

Round Two

Jack and I are expecting our second baby in June :)  I'm sure you've noticed the lack of interesting posts on here, the reason being that for the past month and a half or so I didn't think you'd be interested in my usual view of my bedroom ceiling as I lay in bed for hours on end or a vomit tally for the day.  I get super sick when I'm pregnant and considered changing the title of this blog to A Week of Greasy, Unwashed Hair, Zofran, and Tears.  I didn't think it would appeal to as many people.

The truth is though, we feel extremely blessed.  We were able to get pregnant very easily and are extremely excited to be adding to our family.  After a much-needed Priesthood blessing a few days ago and daily prayer, I have been able to eat more, get more done around the house, and actually play with Olivia.

And now that the news is out, I'll have more to write about :)

Thursday, November 15, 2012

Book Club

Edenbrooke.  I read this book a few weeks ago, knowing would love it.  It had been recommended to me by everyone I knew who had even heard of it, and the premise was right up my alley; I love anything from the Regency period (think Jane Austen).  It's definitely one you will want to buy instead of borrowing or checking out from the library (the cheapest I found it was at Seagull, only about $13).
[photo source] click to read an interview with the author

Rating: 10 out of 10

I don't want to reveal too much about the plot.  Let's just say it's a fun, light love story.  Donaldson calls it "a proper romance" because it is completely clean, a love story without the lust.  This would be a great Christmas gift for daughters, sisters, moms, nieces, and friends.  I absolutely loved it :)

Monday, November 5, 2012

what she wore

this was a couple of weeks ago when weather was warmer. I'm loving Peter Pan collars lately (yes, that is what they are called! Don't say I never taught you nothin')

where: lunch with friends
top: Bags that Fit
jeans: Alloy
Shoes (I actually wore cute shoes!): Alloy

Sunday, November 4, 2012

Halloween 2012

Every year right before Halloween we go watch the pumpkin drop at HeeHaw farm.  Last year Olivia cried the whole time.  This time she actually got what was going on and really enjoyed everything.
She learned to drive a tractor.
 Fed the goats with Grandpa
 It was a super nice, sunny day
 They pull huge pumpkins up in a crane and then drop them on things.  This year they had a piano, filing cabinet, swimming pool, and other things on the ground.  Also, people can go up in the basket and drop their own pumpkins, trying to hit things (we did this last year and the clever crane operator thought it would be funny to dip us in the pool).
 Olivia liked watching the pumpkins go up and fall
 For Halloween, Livs was Little Red Riding Hood.  We went to Grandma's and had dinner and carved pumpkins
We decided not to take Olivia trick-or-treating.  She wouldn't know what it was about and I'd feel kind of silly since she can't even say the words.  Plus, we don't give her much candy.  Instead, on Halloween night Jack grabbed food from JCW's (our tradition) while I put baby to bed and then we ate and watched Hocus Pocus as the Trick-or-Treaters came to our door.  I was so happy with how many we got this year!  I guess it pays off to be involved in the neighborhood and ward ;) I got several  of my Activity Days girls.  We almost ran out of candy!  It was a great night.
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