Wednesday, November 28, 2012

18 months

18 months is definitely a milestone.  Olivia has become her own little person.  She knows what she likes and dislikes, she communicates with us fairly easily, and she knows routine and can plan accordingly.  I've stopped thinking of her as our baby; partly because a new baby is taking shape in my mind, and partly because she just isn't anymore.  We got a note on our door last week welcoming Olivia to the Nursery in our ward.  I got very sad.

As she hits the 18-month mark, Olivia:

is a CLIMBER. She is always moving, running and finding things to climb up on.  Two days ago I was doing dishes and hear her moving the barstools around.  I turned a moment later to find her sitting on the counter.  Just chillin'. Drinking a water bottle that she had apparently seen up there and wanted

Can take her pants, coats, shoes, and socks off

loves to build Lego Duplo houses and castles with Daddy

has her own language.  She thinks she is talking just like we are.  She'll mimic our intonations, she just doesn't know all the words yet

LOVES her cousins and her little friend, Taft.  She is very good at sharing and taking turns

is super affectionate and gives lots of hugs and kisses.  I love it, but I'm afraid her playmates do not.

loves to laugh and play tricks

also seems like such a deep thinker.  She is so focused on whatever she is doing and most often has a serious look on her face as she studies something or goes about a very important task

has dance parties with us and is very good at twirling

loves to watch Mickey Mouse Clubhouse and her favorite Disney movie so far is Toy Story

is not a picky eater, but is selective about veggies by themselves lately.  Her favorites are corn and zucchini, others I sometimes have to mix into sauces or smoothies

knows when she is doing something naughty and, when caught, will run away or pretend to be doing something else

likes to shut doors. I don't know why.  I think she feels powerful when she can shut someone into or out of a room.  She'll also shut herself into a room when she has found something naughty to do like eat a whole pack of gum or climb on something high

Olivia's daily nap has been hit-or-miss lately.  Sometimes she will go down and sometimes she will just yell and whine for a long time.  I still leave her in her bed on the days when she won't sleep because I still depend on that break in the day to get things done or rest, especially with the pregnancy sickness.  I'm hoping she'll get back into the habit of sleeping!

The other day we were at Deseret Book and she heard a child throwing a tantrum.  She went in search of the crying child, whom she found standing in line at the checkout hanging on to her mother's pant leg and crying.  Olivia walked up and put her hand on the girl's shoulder to comfort her and then looked up at the mom as if to say "Well?  Aren't you going to do anything about this?"  It was embarrassingly funny

Yesterday I took Liv to Kid2Kid.  There is a kid's corner in the back of the store with high walls so your kids can play in there without escaping.  I put Olivia inside the walls where the toys were and proceeded to browse.  After a couple of minutes I could hear a commotion going on in her direction so I went to check on her.  Apparently a little girl wanted to get into the kid's area, but couldn't get over the wall.  Olivia had pushed one of the flimsy plastic chairs over against the wall on the inside, and was teetering on it while trying to haul the (older) girl over the wall by the arms.  The girl's mother was trying to explain to her daughter that they needed to go into the bathroom before she could go in the kid's area, but Olivia and the girl were determined to get her over that wall, with or without the mother's help :)

All of the words Olivia used to say, she doesn't use anymore.  She uses her own language and motions for what she wants.  I'm a little concerned about this, but she can understand almost everything we say and will do as she is asked or will notice the thing we are talking about.  Also sometimes she will just surprise us with a word we didn't know she could say, and then never say it again.  The other day at the park she walked up to a boy and proceeded to ask him about the "slide". . . . although it sounded a little like this:  "adffwoein fmfip weorj slide?"

I am so excited to see our little Livi as a big sister.  She is the most caring little girl I've ever seen and I know she will be so patient and loving with her little sibling.

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