Friday, November 23, 2012

Friday Stats

today it Black Friday, and while my husband, the Black Friday fiend, is out stocking up on thousands of DVDs I'd like to start a tradition that I've thought is cute on other blogs I've read and is a fun way to track and document things.  Friday stats while I'm pregnant:

How many weeks along: 10.  I get a week further on Sundays, so I'm almost 11.
weight gained so far: 2 lbs.
baby's gender: unkown
best moment of the week: Spending Thanksgiving with our families and feeling good enough to eat!
worst moment: having a reaalllly sick night on Tuesday.
cravings: I was looking forward to jello salad on Thanksgiving, sooo good.
aversions: anything too potent, like Mexican.  Baked potatoes (with the skin), raw onions.

I'll have to check someone else's list to see if I want to add any more questions...
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