Sunday, November 4, 2012

Halloween 2012

Every year right before Halloween we go watch the pumpkin drop at HeeHaw farm.  Last year Olivia cried the whole time.  This time she actually got what was going on and really enjoyed everything.
She learned to drive a tractor.
 Fed the goats with Grandpa
 It was a super nice, sunny day
 They pull huge pumpkins up in a crane and then drop them on things.  This year they had a piano, filing cabinet, swimming pool, and other things on the ground.  Also, people can go up in the basket and drop their own pumpkins, trying to hit things (we did this last year and the clever crane operator thought it would be funny to dip us in the pool).
 Olivia liked watching the pumpkins go up and fall
 For Halloween, Livs was Little Red Riding Hood.  We went to Grandma's and had dinner and carved pumpkins
We decided not to take Olivia trick-or-treating.  She wouldn't know what it was about and I'd feel kind of silly since she can't even say the words.  Plus, we don't give her much candy.  Instead, on Halloween night Jack grabbed food from JCW's (our tradition) while I put baby to bed and then we ate and watched Hocus Pocus as the Trick-or-Treaters came to our door.  I was so happy with how many we got this year!  I guess it pays off to be involved in the neighborhood and ward ;) I got several  of my Activity Days girls.  We almost ran out of candy!  It was a great night.
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