Tuesday, December 11, 2012


I feel like I just did my last birthday post a few weeks ago.  It's depressing.  I'm on this side of 30 now and time is just going too darn fast.  When Jack was 26, we weren't even married.  While I'm 26 we will be married two kids!! I never thought that would be me.  I thought I'd graduate college, travel, fall in love, get married, travel some more, work, and then have a kid by the time I was 30.  Life decided to move a bit faster, and turn out to be crazier (and better) than I had originally planned.  The college happened, but not the graduation.  The love turned out to be the bread and butter of my whole existence.  Much travel has been had and is still to come, and our little girl turned out to be the sunshine that lights up our whole world.

When you are 26 with one-and-a-half kids and you husband asks what you want for your birthday, you don't ask for new clothes, or concert tickets, or a trip.  You ask for...wait for it....

a day off.

I knew that wouldn't come as a shock.  I thinks all moms want their birthday off.  It was delicious.  I slept in, ate a stack of pancakes, opened gifts from Jack, took a long bath, and read a book.
We had lunch out, just the three of us, then went to my 12-week appointment and got pictures of our fuzzy new baby :)  He/she is three inches long already and I'm at that wonderful stage where I just feel like I have a gut.

My friend, Brooke, brought peanut butter cookies over to me and I sat and ate them while watching Gossip Girl.  After Olivia went to bed we ate pizza and cake and watched a movie together.  Perfect, perfect day.
This isn't a sad face, it's my 'thinking of a wish' face.  It's hard to think of wishes when I have everything I need.  Awwww...so much corn. ;)
Also, Olivia learned to climb on the counter last week.  I left the room for a minute and came back to find her helping herself to my birthday cake!  She had carefully taken all of the candles off before digging in (there were only 6 candles, I wasn't gone that long) and as soon as I caught her, she hurriedly tried to stick all of the candles back in to make it look like she hadn't done anything.  Unlucky for her, the evidence was all over her face and hands.  In the pic she is still trying to place the candles back on :) I couldn't stop laughing!
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