Sunday, December 16, 2012

p2- 14 weeks

I have been horrible about taking "bump" pictures, so tonight I was all hurry, take a quick pic of my profile before I forget! And then I realized I didn't have a speck of makeup on so I just quickly looked down and am now realizing that instead of appearing like I'm looking lovingly at my baby, I look like the creepy girl from The Ring.

Also...did anyone else completely lose their butt with their first baby?  Look at my pj pants.  There is no padding whatsoever, my backside is completely gone-zo :( the only consolation being that with my second pregnancy it can't possibly be any more gone than it already is.

Anywho... I just hit the second trimester this week!! Wahoo!

I must say, as hard as this pregnancy has been, it has been worlds better than Olivia's.  I haven't had hyperemesis gravidarum this time.  I have been able to eat a lot more, get out of bed a lot more, and have thrown up a lot less.

That being said, man being pregnant is hard.  Feeling like you will never feel better, like you will never be able to do the things you used to do.  Sometimes I feel trapped in my own body.  In a never-ending cycle of nausea, headaches, exhaustion, and tears.

I'm just getting to a downhill slope though where I don't feel sick all the time.  It is an incredible feeling.  Two nights ago I actually made dinner!  This morning I did laundry!  With Olivia I didn't hit this point until 16 weeks, so......score :) Thank you second baby.  And God.  And mother nature and my own body.

I think it's a boy.  I thought that before we got pregnant.  I can say that out loud you know, because this is my blog and it's where I record my feelings.  If we do find out it's a girl at next month's sonogram, then everyone who knows I guessed the gender wrong can go ahead an judge me :)  and I will be just as happy with a girl...but I think it's a boy.

Jack and I have had a boy name in our back pocket since we were dating.  It is Jack's first choice.  I have another first choice that doesn't sound as good with our last name.  And we both love another, third name.  I'm sure we'll end up going with Jack's #1, but we shall see.

I like to be different.  I always wanted to pick unique names for my children.  When we named Olivia, I knew that it had become more popular, but she just felt like an Olivia to us.  So we went ahead and used it.  I saw yesterday that her name is actually abhorrently popular and is #2 on the top baby names of 2012.  I know, sick.  Our next girl name is a lot more unique.  I've never met anyone with this name. And I'm going to use it if we have a girl no matter what Jack says :)  Our 3 boy names are not unheard of, but nowhere near as common as Olivia.

As far as appearance, I'm about as big this time as I was at 22 weeks last time.  Remember my 20 week pic with Olivia?  Also, last time I got just more thick around the middle and this time it's more out front.

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