Monday, December 31, 2012

sick sick sick

Is it just me or does it seem like this is an especially bad year for illness?? I feel like almost everyone I know has been sick in the past few weeks and the Facebook-o-sphere is constantly abuzz with sicky complaints. Jack caught a cold last week and had to spend a day simultaneously sweating and shivering in bed, eating the oh-so-generous tomato soup that I dumped out of a can.

Then after Christmas we shut ourselves into his mom's house with most of his siblings and their kids and pretty much just caught and passed so many sick germs that the whole Austin clan was basically quarantined.

I got a nasty stomach flu.  And by nasty I mean stomach flu on steroids.  Amanda had it first and claimed it to be the sickest she had ever been.  I thought she was overreacting until late Friday night when I was writhing on my own bed muttering incoherencies and hoping it was malaria or some such deadly disease so I could be swept away by the sweet wings of death.  You don't know, you weren't there.

Olivia caught the bug but only threw up once in the night and acted fine. . . until she caught a cold.  Olivia had never been sick until this week, not in her short 19 months of life.  And for the sake of Jack and I, I hope she never gets sick again.  Sick for Olivia means nonstop crying and tantrums, not eating for four days, and mauling me every second possible in an attempt to communicate that something is wrong (my hair and clothes are currently covered in snot, spit, tears, and the ice cream cone we tried to give her).  Apparently Liv does not handle being sick very well.  Jack and I have decided that it is our moral obligation to warn any of her prospective husbands with this information.

I'm just glad we all got the flu shot when we did (especially Olivia the she-bear, and me with little one on board).  The flu scares me.

Regardless, we have had a lot of fun with family and wouldn't take back the time spent.  Tonight is New Year's Eve with family, and I bet we'll look back with fondness on the camaraderie we felt all being sick together :) (except that stomach bug. No fondness there.)

<<<====baby bump! Oh herro
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