Thursday, January 31, 2013

20 months

stats: 36 inches, 29 pounds, size 3t clothes, size 6 1/2 shoes.  We expected a tall girl :)

sleep schedule: wakes between 7:45 and 8am, naps from noon-2, bed at 7pm, sleeps through the night.
teeth: four top front, first molar on each side on top, four front bottom, first molar on each side on bottom.

food: cheese, yogurt, mini marshmallows, smoothies, blueberries, pears, zucchini, peanut butter
book: The Little Engine that Could, BabyLit Alice in Wonderland, her big book of Fairy Tales
toy: her Mickey Mouse figurines, her Little People princess castle
TV show: Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, Curious George
movie: Winnie the Pooh, Toy Story, Tangled
activities: playing outside (even in the snow), 'playing' the piano, stacking, organizing, and sorting.

excels at:
eating most of her food
feeding herself with fingers or a spoon
helping to pick up her toys and put them away
doing most things she is asked
going down for naps and bedtime
communicating non-verbally
organizing her toys and grouping them by type
counting to three
sharing toys and snack with mom and dad and other kids
closing a door when she leaves a room
being soft with others and Tucker, not hitting or being violent
stacking or standing things up and balancing them

needs to work on:
verbal communication
remembering one and three in her counting (two...two...two......two!!)
not climbing on the counter
not getting mad when we take a phone away (this is the only thing she gets mad about losing)
being good while her diaper is changed

Olivia is such a sweet, smart little girl.  We are still working on learning more words, but she can communicate extremely well non-verbally and always understands what we say to her and when we ask her to do something.  The other day she wanted a smoothie so she took me over to the fridge, took out the tub of yogurt, walked over and pushed it up onto the counter by the Bledtec, pointed up at the Blendtec, then reached up to be set on the counter to watch.  She loves to put the lid on the blender and push the button to make it go.

She can work my iphone almost as well as me and knows which apps to go to and how do do them.  She helps to put away her toys, holds the cord for daddy when he vacuums, and helps me sweep with her own broom.  If she sees trash on the ground she will pick it up and find me to hand it to me.  She is pretty left-brained in that she loves to be clean and loves to stack and organized.  I, on the other hand, am more right-brained so I'm always trying to color pictures or do art projects with her.  She is not interested, which leaves me at a loss for what to do to occupy her time most days.

A couple of weeks ago Jack bought Liv the Little People princess castle and most of the princesses.  The only ones not sold in the store were Jasmine and Aladdin, and the Beast, so he ordered them online.  Olivia likes to sort out her toys and keep the different sets separate from each other.  She also has a set of Mickey figurines and a Little People barn with a farmer and farm animals.  The farm folk and Mickey characters are rarely seen fraternizing with the princesses.  Anyways, the other day Aladdin, Jasmine, and the Beast arrived in the mail and Jack gave them to Olivia while she was playing with her castle.  He showed her who they go with and put them in the rooms for her, then went into the kitchen to get a drink.  When he came back, he observed that Aladdin and Jasmine had been welcomed into the castle to rub shoulders with the other royalty, but the new Beast was not there.  Upon further inspection, Jack came to discover that Olivia had put the Beast in the barn.  With the goat and the cow. On his front like he was on all fours.  Apparently she thought he would be more comfortable among his own species.

She is still extremely active and loves to run, jump, dance, climb, and play.  I'm surprised at how coordinated she is, she can scale the bar stools and get up onto almost any surface as long as there are foot and hand holds.  This means she requires constant supervision, though in her expeditions she rarely falls or gets hurt.

Most people develop a special handshake with people they are close to, my affectionate girl has a special kiss that she does with me.  I taught her to do eskimo kisses a while ago and now when she is feeling playful, she will give me a kiss on the lips, followed by and eskimo kiss, and then stick her tongue out.  She is not satisfied until I have fulfilled my duty of kiss, eskimo kiss, and touch tongues.  I know, not very sanitary.  I have no idea where she got the tongue thing from, but most of the time I will do it just so I can see her beaming, gap-toothed smile afterward.

Since Olivia is an only child and has very gentle and sweet cousins, she doesn't know what it means to be pushed, hit, or treated rudely (she DID play a game with her cousin a couple of weeks ago that involved bopping yourself on the head, and now she will sometimes try to bop people on the head.  I'm trying to teach her that it isn't funny.)  I saw a child push her down at a playplace once and she wasn't sure what to make of it.  So she just got back up and went on her way.  The other day we went to Ikea and she went up to a little boy, said "hi!" and tried to put her arm around him.  He gave her a dirty look and then went and told his mom that she had tried to push him down (the kid was twice her size), she then went up to his little sister and tried to greet her, only to be given the same dirty look.  I wanted to ask the mother if her kids had been raised by wolves or if they were just completely socially inept, but I managed to refrain.  Olivia just loves other kids and wants to be near them.  I worry so much about her little heart.  I just want her to be the same pure little soul that she is now and not be tarnished or hurt by mean kids or hard things.  I know this is impossible, but the thought of sending her to school when the time comes gives me anxiety nonetheless.  Until then, I remind myself that having her home all day is a blessing, even when it is hard.  When it comes down to it, I am probably more vulnerable to her hurts than she is :)

Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Gender Reveal!

had our ultrasound today.  Saw all of Little One's little parts.  What are we having? I'll give you a hint:

Olympic Games 2036 here we come.

I laid on the table and got all lubed up and then the ultrasound tech spent what felt like half the day looking at everything but between those little legs!  I was squeezing Jack's hand tighter and tighter until she finally got down to business and took a look.  Then typed GIRL!! up on the screen.  I didn't believe it.  I don't know if I said anything!  I got kind of shaky!  My baby boy was, in fact, a baby girl!  Jack laughed and got excited.  I think for me it actually took about an hour after the appointment- and telling our family and friends- for the truth to settle in.  A GIRL!  She is precious and perfect and, even though I have flushed all evidence of maternal intuition down the toilet today, we are thrilled.  Olivia will have a little sister.  Jack can't stop smiling (he's such a ladies man) and I am getting more and more excited to be the mom of two girls.  Now Jack and I are onto some pretty intense debates in the name department...

Olivia 2.0

Friday, January 25, 2013

20 weeks

We should have gotten our gender ultrasound this week (our doctor likes to wait until 20 weeks).  But his receptionist was on her period or something and insisted that I was only 19 weeks this week and wouldn't schedule me.  She also insisted that the little paper 'due date' wheel she glanced at for a millisecond was more accurate than my pregnancy app and calendar.  So we have to wait until next Wed. to find out what Little One #2 is a he or she.

I am very surprised at the rate my waist is expanded compared to Olivia.  I'm as big now as I was at 28 weeks with Livs.  By nighttime my stomach feels pretty heavy.  I felt a kick for the first time at 17 weeks, and at 19 weeks we felt a kick from the outside for the first time.  I was laying in the bath, reading a book, with my hand resting on my stomach and felt a crazy-hard kick.  I called Jack in to feel and he was gifted with a second, smaller nudge.

With Olivia I felt like I was counting the hours until D-day; but with this one, the time has gone by much faster.  Especially since I stopped feeling so nauseous all the time.  I still have some lingering nausea, but haven't thrown up in weeks.  There are even several times a week when I forget I'm pregnant and then remember again and smile.  Sometimes I feel like I'm cheating this kid by not feeling so focused on him/her, but it is definitely nice not to feel like I have a twelve-year pregnancy like I did with Olivia.  It is still surreal that we are going to be the parents of two.  That we will be starting over with a newborn; the nightly feedings, the swaddling, the nursing every three hours, trying to get him/her on a schedule...  I am so excited to see Olivia as a big sister.  I know she will be so gentle and helpful.  The only time she has ever shown aggression toward me is the other day when she was really upset and caught me in the face with a flailing fist.  I held her arm and asked her to be soft, she immediately held still and kissed me on the lips.

weeks: 20
weight gain: 14 lbs
cravings: fruit is about all.  I've never craved desserts and sweets less in my life than I have this pregnancy, it's pretty bizarre.
gender: unknown
complaints: underlying nausea all day (nothing like the first trimester though!) heartburn, exhaustion, round ligament pain
best moment of the week: watching Life of Pi in theatres (it's amazing), hearing Olivia make a goat noise
hardest moment of the week: teething toddler.  I feel like it will never end

Monday, January 21, 2013

adventures in prenatal yoga

I mentioned on FB the other day that I was interested in finding a prenatal yoga class to go to.  My sweet mom noticed and bought me a DVD she found.

My prior experience in yoga is this:  in college, my roommates and I thought it would be cool to take a yoga class together.  Our intentions were more motivated than our reality.  The class was at 7am.  A 7am class is early when all you have to do is sit in a desk.  When you actually have to do physical things, it nearly impossible.  Two weeks into the semester we decided that we'd just switch off going, so only one of us had to be there at a time and catch the others up (we may or may not have marked the roll for the others...I never claimed to be ethical and my friends will remain nameless in this story).  Needless to say, I didn't get much out of the class.

So I've wanted to expand my mind and body and try again.  I've been about as active as a rock gathering moss during this pregnancy so I thought yoga would be a nice gentle way to ease back into activity and feel better.

I cleared the floor and put in my DVD this morning.  I lasted 20 of the 50 minutes.  It was hard.  I had to use a chair like they suggest for girls in their 3rd trimester.

It didn't help that Olivia was trying to hang off my arms the whole time like a monkey.

And that after she finally went to play with her toys, she looked over at me twice and pointed and laughed.

At that point I was too embarrassed to do the pelvic rolls, even in my own home

and by the time they brought up the 'kegel' session (!!), I had left the room.

Better luck next time McCall.

Sunday, January 20, 2013

Ten memories I will hold onto forever...

I thought this would be a fun little list to compile to see if I really had ten come to mind readily.
In no particular order:

1. Kneeling across the altar from Jack and being sealed to him for time and all eternity.  I shed a few tears and he reached over and wiped them off my cheek with his thumb.

2. holding Olivia for the first time and looking into her dark blue eyes.  I felt we had known each other forever and were just being reunited.

3. Going paragliding in the Swiss Alps on Mother's Day 2010.  I'll never forget the cool crisp quiet as we rode a draft of air up the Jungfrau mountain.  There were water droplets suspended around us, making a fine mist and I could see the small town of Interlaken in a valley far below.

4. Making the cheer squad when I was a Junior in High School.  Most of the other girls had cheered since they were Freshman and all I had known was sports.  I had worked hard and was shocked when I got my acceptance letter.

5. The time Jack and I were driving through San Francisco in our rental car.  Our favorite songs playing through the ipod connection, Olivia sound asleep in her car seat, Jack and I taking in the sights on our way across Golden Gate bridge and up a winding forest road to Muir Woods.

6. Spring Break as a Senior in High School.  Cruising up and down St George Blvd in my friend's open-top Jeep and rocking out to old school Taking Back Sunday.  (Do teens in St George still cruise the blvd during spring break?)

7. Bear Lake last year.  Being on a lake for the first time in years, with my best friends and my little family.  The warm sun and cold water.

8. When Jack proposed.  It was just a simple conversation while at the park, no ring, no forethought.  It felt very perfect and right.

9.  Sunday dinners at home before my parents split.  My mom is an incredible cook and she could always make the simplest meal taste so good.  I'd be so hungry after church, and the house would be in chaos with my siblings running around and my mom cooking, and Chandler usually throwing a tantrum, then we'd all come together at the dining room table and talk and eat and laugh.

10.  Rome.  Seeing the colosseum and walking through the ruins in the old Roman Forum.  It was completely surreal seeing evidence and hearing stories of such an old civilization.

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Monday, January 14, 2013

Good Foods

We took our first trip to Trader Joe's the other day and went a little crazy.  I don't regret it. It turns out they aren't overrated.

Among our purchases were chicken meatballs, pappardelle pasta, croutons, and balsamic vinaigrette.
I sauteed the meatballs (they were already fully cooked, just cold) in a pan coated generously with olive and canola oil.  When the outsides were crispy, I threw in onions and then lots of chopped mushrooms, and seasoned with salt and pepper.  Once everything was mostly soft, I deglazed with chicken broth, then added enough broth to make a sauce and then creamed it up with splashes of heavy cream.  While the pasta finished cooking I seasoned the sauce and let it simmer down, then tossed the pappardelle in it.  It turned out to be a super good stroganoff-ish dish.  I served it with spring greens tossed with chopped eggs and the croutons.  Yum.

The second new recipe I tried this week was a simple little Pinterest find.  I chopped up strawberries and bananas, halved some grapes, and threw in some blueberries, and then mixed up a honey-lime dressing that was just 1/4 c honey and the juice of two limes.  It basically turned the fruit into candy.  I bet you could use any fruit, but I definitely recommend using grapes because the slight tartness sends the salad to the next level.

The next one is the applesauce/carrot muffin/cake recipe I posted around Olivia's first birthday but I've since tweaked it so that it is even healthier

I usually freeze them in a large ziploc and then just take one out and microwave on 50% for 16 seconds to use them for quick snacks or breakfast for Liv.  This recipe is the best because it is so versatile and you can basically throw whatever you want in it.

1 c white flour
1 c whole wheat flour (I use 1/2 c white and 1 1/2 c wheat.  I bet you could even substitute 1/2 c of oats in there for some of the flour also)
1 c sugar (I substituted for 1/3 c honey and added it to the wet ingredients.  I bet you could do agave instead if your baby is under 12 mo.)
1 Tbsp orange zest (I also squeezed some of the juice from the orange into the wet ing.)
1/2 tsp baking soda
1 1/2 tsp baking powder
1/2 tsp salt
2 tsp cinnamon

1 egg
1 c unsweetened applesauce
1 tsp vanilla
1 large carrot, grated

1 overripe banana, mashed
1 zucchini, grated
chia seeds
chopped apple
anything your little heart desires

combine dry ingredients and mix, in a separate bowl combine wet ingredients.  Add wet to dry and mix until combined.  Fold in any optional ingredients.  Pour into 8x8, 9x9, or muffin tin.  Bake at 350 until light golden, about 24 minutes for cake or 16 minutes for muffins (make sure it is cooked until firm and golden).

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Comic Relief

I am here tonight to tell you two stories.  Both of which are embarrassing and both of which happened to me.

Story #1
I was about to start college.  Like most 18-year-olds in 2006, I was a big fan of Hollister and Abercrombie.  Also, like most 18-year-olds, I couldn't afford to buy a whole lot of Abercrombie.  One day I moseyed on over to the children's Abercrombie and discovered that, not only did most of their size XL tops fit me, but they were a lot cheaper than the adult sizes (I use the term adult loosely, because what adult wears Abercrombie?)  Anyways, I got a couple of tops there and picked one out to wear on my first day of college.

First day of college.  I spend an hour and a half on my hair and makeup and then realize I'm running late, throw on my clothes and get to class.  There's an empty seat next to a very, very beautiful boy with dark hair and long eyelashes.  I take it.  Halfway through the class he taps me on the shoulder, "Umm, your shirt still has the sticker on it..." I look down and see a big XL sticker on my ribs.  I die a little.  For a moment I consider explaining...well you see, I'm not really an XL, I just shop in the little kid's department because it's cheaper.  I decide against it. I mumble a 'thank you' and resolve to avoid all eye contact for the rest of the semester.

Story #2
Jack's family loves to play boardgames.  I think I played more boardgames in my first year of dating him than I had in my previous 20 years.  We had only been dating for a couple of months when I went to a family dinner with him.  After dinner we played one of those games where a question is asked and everyone writes down their answer and then someone guesses which answer belongs to whom.  The question asked was "what is your biggest fear?"  I wrote mine down and added it to the pile.  The reader then began reciting the answers:



"Having my spouse die"

oh crap.

"My wife and kids dying"

and on it went, with some form or another of death, illness, and spiritual darkness being read.  Until the last one.


it was mine.  Jack tried to hide his smile.  Both of my hands were plastered over my mouth.  His family looked around the table, laughing nervously like they didn't understand the joke.

"I'm really afraid of whales."  I explained, "but of course not more than, like, my family dying and stuff..."

They nodded and smiled and put on expressions of understanding, but I'm sure in their minds they were going who is this weird, unfeeling girl that Jack brought home?

Luckily we all got past it and Jack and I got married and I'm pretty sure most of his family likes me.

Sunday, January 6, 2013

Tricky Adults

Jack is the most paranoid careful person I know when it comes to safety (from burglars, rapists, scams, etc.)  He spent a couple of summers selling alarm systems, which added to his concern about safety (I'm sure his summer in the ghetto of LA didn't do anything to lessen his passion about it) and now that he is married and has a little girl, he is even more....mindful...of safety.  I have become a little anxious about it too when it comes to Olivia.  I think my worry comes from too many episodes of Law and Order: SVU.  Anyways, I came across this blog post the other day from and wanted to post it on my blog.

"Right after Diddy was born, I was in the car listening to NPR and I heard a child safety educator say, “Stop telling your kids not to talk to strangers. They might need to talk to a stranger one day. Instead, teach them which sorts of strangers are safe. You know who’s safe? A mom with kids. Period. Your kid gets separated from you at the mall? Tell her to flag down the first mom with kids she sees.”
This was fantastic advice. I have shared it with everyone who will listen, ever since.
[read the rest and get awesome checklists after the jump]

Friday, January 4, 2013

New Year

I never make resolutions because I never keep them.  I usually forget what they are by the first week in March.  I have a few on my mind right now though and I think as a mom, and for my own health, it's good to have goals.  So I might as well try again.

Ignore Olivia during tantrums.  She's a pretty chill girl, but this week with her nasty cold came a nasty slew of tantrums; and for whatever reason she will not end the tantrum until I pick her up and comfort her.  Girl can go for a while.  After the initial screaming/crying she can stay, face-down, on the floor groaning for a lot longer than I ever thought her attention span could reach.  I need to teach her that tantrums will not be met with sympathy and coddling.

Eat a lot of fruits, veggies, and whole grains.  This is the way I stay around the weight I like, and I want to be even more mindful.

Get my entire "do to before baby gets here" list done...ya know...before baby gets here.  It's a big list that includes all of our Spring Cleaning, and getting everything done for the new nursery.

Make a delicious meatloaf.  I've never tried before. I hear it's an art.

Read To Kill a Mockingbird.  I know, I'm so ashamed that I've never read it.  The shame ends this year.

Be nicer to Tucker.  He's our dog and he is way annoying.  I already started this yesterday by buying him a new toy and some bones.

That's all.  Not very ambitious or grand, but one I can accomplish.

Jack is the king of meeting goals. His resolutions last year included losing 20 pounds (which he did), reading out of the scriptures together every single night before we went to sleep (check), and get this, making sure the house was clean every night before going to bed.  Yes, he accomplished that too.  Never missed a night.  On nights I was sick or exhausted (which are frequent lately) he does it all himself.  It is a wonderful thing waking up to a clean house every morning.  (the master bedroom and Olivia's room don't count so it really isn't such a big job every night.  Mostly because it gets done every night so it never gets too dirty).

ps. this is what our New Year's Eve looked like :) plus lots of snuggling and a New Year's Kiss when the ball dropped.
pps. I love this ^^movie. I could watch it every week.

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