Friday, January 25, 2013

20 weeks

We should have gotten our gender ultrasound this week (our doctor likes to wait until 20 weeks).  But his receptionist was on her period or something and insisted that I was only 19 weeks this week and wouldn't schedule me.  She also insisted that the little paper 'due date' wheel she glanced at for a millisecond was more accurate than my pregnancy app and calendar.  So we have to wait until next Wed. to find out what Little One #2 is a he or she.

I am very surprised at the rate my waist is expanded compared to Olivia.  I'm as big now as I was at 28 weeks with Livs.  By nighttime my stomach feels pretty heavy.  I felt a kick for the first time at 17 weeks, and at 19 weeks we felt a kick from the outside for the first time.  I was laying in the bath, reading a book, with my hand resting on my stomach and felt a crazy-hard kick.  I called Jack in to feel and he was gifted with a second, smaller nudge.

With Olivia I felt like I was counting the hours until D-day; but with this one, the time has gone by much faster.  Especially since I stopped feeling so nauseous all the time.  I still have some lingering nausea, but haven't thrown up in weeks.  There are even several times a week when I forget I'm pregnant and then remember again and smile.  Sometimes I feel like I'm cheating this kid by not feeling so focused on him/her, but it is definitely nice not to feel like I have a twelve-year pregnancy like I did with Olivia.  It is still surreal that we are going to be the parents of two.  That we will be starting over with a newborn; the nightly feedings, the swaddling, the nursing every three hours, trying to get him/her on a schedule...  I am so excited to see Olivia as a big sister.  I know she will be so gentle and helpful.  The only time she has ever shown aggression toward me is the other day when she was really upset and caught me in the face with a flailing fist.  I held her arm and asked her to be soft, she immediately held still and kissed me on the lips.

weeks: 20
weight gain: 14 lbs
cravings: fruit is about all.  I've never craved desserts and sweets less in my life than I have this pregnancy, it's pretty bizarre.
gender: unknown
complaints: underlying nausea all day (nothing like the first trimester though!) heartburn, exhaustion, round ligament pain
best moment of the week: watching Life of Pi in theatres (it's amazing), hearing Olivia make a goat noise
hardest moment of the week: teething toddler.  I feel like it will never end

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