Friday, January 4, 2013

New Year

I never make resolutions because I never keep them.  I usually forget what they are by the first week in March.  I have a few on my mind right now though and I think as a mom, and for my own health, it's good to have goals.  So I might as well try again.

Ignore Olivia during tantrums.  She's a pretty chill girl, but this week with her nasty cold came a nasty slew of tantrums; and for whatever reason she will not end the tantrum until I pick her up and comfort her.  Girl can go for a while.  After the initial screaming/crying she can stay, face-down, on the floor groaning for a lot longer than I ever thought her attention span could reach.  I need to teach her that tantrums will not be met with sympathy and coddling.

Eat a lot of fruits, veggies, and whole grains.  This is the way I stay around the weight I like, and I want to be even more mindful.

Get my entire "do to before baby gets here" list done...ya know...before baby gets here.  It's a big list that includes all of our Spring Cleaning, and getting everything done for the new nursery.

Make a delicious meatloaf.  I've never tried before. I hear it's an art.

Read To Kill a Mockingbird.  I know, I'm so ashamed that I've never read it.  The shame ends this year.

Be nicer to Tucker.  He's our dog and he is way annoying.  I already started this yesterday by buying him a new toy and some bones.

That's all.  Not very ambitious or grand, but one I can accomplish.

Jack is the king of meeting goals. His resolutions last year included losing 20 pounds (which he did), reading out of the scriptures together every single night before we went to sleep (check), and get this, making sure the house was clean every night before going to bed.  Yes, he accomplished that too.  Never missed a night.  On nights I was sick or exhausted (which are frequent lately) he does it all himself.  It is a wonderful thing waking up to a clean house every morning.  (the master bedroom and Olivia's room don't count so it really isn't such a big job every night.  Mostly because it gets done every night so it never gets too dirty).

ps. this is what our New Year's Eve looked like :) plus lots of snuggling and a New Year's Kiss when the ball dropped.
pps. I love this ^^movie. I could watch it every week.

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