Sunday, January 20, 2013

Ten memories I will hold onto forever...

I thought this would be a fun little list to compile to see if I really had ten come to mind readily.
In no particular order:

1. Kneeling across the altar from Jack and being sealed to him for time and all eternity.  I shed a few tears and he reached over and wiped them off my cheek with his thumb.

2. holding Olivia for the first time and looking into her dark blue eyes.  I felt we had known each other forever and were just being reunited.

3. Going paragliding in the Swiss Alps on Mother's Day 2010.  I'll never forget the cool crisp quiet as we rode a draft of air up the Jungfrau mountain.  There were water droplets suspended around us, making a fine mist and I could see the small town of Interlaken in a valley far below.

4. Making the cheer squad when I was a Junior in High School.  Most of the other girls had cheered since they were Freshman and all I had known was sports.  I had worked hard and was shocked when I got my acceptance letter.

5. The time Jack and I were driving through San Francisco in our rental car.  Our favorite songs playing through the ipod connection, Olivia sound asleep in her car seat, Jack and I taking in the sights on our way across Golden Gate bridge and up a winding forest road to Muir Woods.

6. Spring Break as a Senior in High School.  Cruising up and down St George Blvd in my friend's open-top Jeep and rocking out to old school Taking Back Sunday.  (Do teens in St George still cruise the blvd during spring break?)

7. Bear Lake last year.  Being on a lake for the first time in years, with my best friends and my little family.  The warm sun and cold water.

8. When Jack proposed.  It was just a simple conversation while at the park, no ring, no forethought.  It felt very perfect and right.

9.  Sunday dinners at home before my parents split.  My mom is an incredible cook and she could always make the simplest meal taste so good.  I'd be so hungry after church, and the house would be in chaos with my siblings running around and my mom cooking, and Chandler usually throwing a tantrum, then we'd all come together at the dining room table and talk and eat and laugh.

10.  Rome.  Seeing the colosseum and walking through the ruins in the old Roman Forum.  It was completely surreal seeing evidence and hearing stories of such an old civilization.
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