Wednesday, February 20, 2013

How you know it's time for a playdate

Olivia hasn't gotten much interaction with other kids since Christmas.  With all of the sickness going around and the extreme numbers of RSV we haven't even taken her to nursery.  I think the lack of peer interaction is making her weird.  We went to Old Navy this morning and she befriended the little girl mannequin at the front of the store.  She spent about ten minutes with her arm around the plastic girl, having a one-sided conversation, kissing her on the mouth, and petting her fake dog.  People would walk into the store and smile at her, but all I could think was Lars and the Real Girl.  I had to pull her away (kicking and screaming) when she tried to hold the older brother mannequin's hand and accidentally pulled his arm off.  I need to schedule some time with other (real) kids asap.

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