Sunday, February 24, 2013

tee shirt recycle

We have a vacation coming up and I was going through my laundry to decide what to pack when I found an old shirt Jack had given me.  I remembered seeing a tutorial on Pinterest about making old tees into racerback tanks and thought I'd try it.  Since Jack is a lot bigger than me, it'd be the perfect size for my huge belly come vacation time and if if didn't work...who cares.  It was an old shirt.  Here's the play-by-play:

Jack's big 'ol shirt (those aren't stains on the sleeve, I ironed it and our spray bottle had a mishap)  ----->
I cut off the collar and then cut the neckline where I wanted it in front down a little in back.  Then cut off the sleeves and a little extra to make the shoulder straps thinner ----->

I then cut about a 2" strip from one of the sleeves I had cut off,  and used my sewing machine to sew up one length of it --->
then flipped the tube inside out so the seam was clean ----->
I looped the length of sewn fabric around the back of the tee (so through each of the armholes in the back) and sewed it together to make a full circle (remember to backstitch at each end so it won't come unraveled) ----->
the I just cut off that extra fabric and threads on the end of my loop and turned the whole loop inside out to hide it and make a clean seam ---->
Score!  A racerback tank from an old tee
Also I made little Livbaby a headband.  The tutorial for that can be found here
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