Monday, February 4, 2013

the past week

*we found out we were having a girl and started making a name list
*we went and bought her first outfit and Jack cleared out my craft room a little to start the conversion to a nursery
*we went down to St George for the weekend to spend time with friends and family and out of the snow
*we laughed our butts off playing games with friends and saw Tasha and Jordan's lovely new/old house
*ate breakfast at Oscar's in Springdale (me, Jack Tasha, Olivia). Died of happiness.  Discussed who of our friends would last longest in a zombie apocalypse, on Survivor, and in Amazing Race.
*went on the River Walk in Zion.  Were unhappy with the cold.
*poor LivBaby fell on the path and scraped her nose, went from delighted to unenchanted about the stroll
*picked up our favorite Croshaw's pie to take home (lemon cream cheese)
*had dinner with my family, hear the funniest joke ever from Hunter
     why did the plane crash?
     ....because the pilot was a loaf of bread.
if you aren't laughing right now we can't be friends.
*tried to show a tired, cranky, teething Olivia my dad's horses.  Not having it.  We put her in the car and enjoyed them in peace
*this morning I was making bread and held Olivia up to see the mixer kneading the dough.  She tried to help by tossing the paddle attachment into the Kitchenaid.  I, thinking she was reaching in (she wasn't), instinctively reached in to block her and caught my finger between the paddle and the dough hook for just a millisecond.  Pain, swelling, bruising, doctor's visit, and a finger splint followed.  We didn't want to do an x-ray for the sake of the unborn member of the family, but the dr was pretty sure there was a small fracture of some sort and recommended the splint.
*I learned that Olivia could eat a peanut butter and jelly sandwich every day, and that I need to be more creative and less lazy about her meals
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