Sunday, February 17, 2013

Valentine's Day- family style

All holidays take on a different persona once you become a mom.  What was once a two-person holiday between Jack and I that involved hotel stays and couple's massages, is now shared with a very little- and very high maintenance - third party.  I've learned that grand gestures and big gifts have to give way to small, less time and energy consuming, little offerings to the holiday and each other.  It took me twenty months to come to terms with this, but I think I am finally getting the hang of the 'family holiday.'

While Olivia ate breakfast and watched Curious George, I quickly made Jack a love-y Valentine's playlist of our songs to listen to while he checked his morning emails and did the morning post for work, then taped some hearts to his mirror.  Energy: minimal.  Time: 10 minutes.

After showering and getting Olivia ready I threw together some pancake batter, using Kodiak's amazing whole wheat mix.  I poured out some lumpy-looking hearts and called Jack down to breakfast.  Energy: minimal.  Time: 10 minute prep and even less eating, since Olivia decided her one pancake was not enough and spend the rest of the time trying to scale my head and eat mine while I attempted to fend her off with one hand and shovel it down my throat with the other (Jack attempted to ply her with orange juice from the other direction, to no avail.  I think in the end she ate more pancakes than Jack and I combined.)  Jack brought in my favorite flower, calla lilies, in a beautiful arrangement for me.

  and I made Jack a card with a funny quote I saw.

We went down to Orem to have lunch, do some shopping at the mall, drop gifts off at our mother's houses, and Jack took me shopping for a special gift.  You know your hormone-induced tears have reached unacceptable levels when your husband has to say, "Okay, here's what your gift is...don't cry."  It didn't help much.  Even the mention of tears can bring on tears. I've even had to ban certain kinds of articles that I read online because they can throw off my mood all night long.

After Olivia went to bed I seared some filet mignon, then threw them into the oven with mushrooms and green beans, mixed up a balsamic salad, and voila.  Vday dinner.  Effort: medium.  Time: 20 minutes.  Oh, and I made this caramel marshmallow popcorn I found on Pinterest.  It was too delicious.

Then we ate our dinner and treat while we watched Shaun of the Dead.  'Cause I guess we thought that would be a good Valentine movie :)  Basically, I love my husband.  I love spending all holidays with him, no matter what they entail.  He's such a great friend, husband, and father, and I am one lucky girl.

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