Thursday, March 7, 2013

26 weeks

Best part of being 26 weeks along: I'm not too huge yet.  I feel just the right size of pregnant where everyone definitely knows it, but can still roll over in bed.  I'm excited for baby girl to get here, but not yet anxious that I haven't done a thing on her room :)

Worst part of being 26 weeks along: Muscle pain in my lower stomach, groin, and back.  Olivia was always sooo high and I had to push her down from my aching ribs several times a day.  Baby #2 is super low and my muscles feel the strain.  My back got so bad that I couldn't stand on my left foot this weeks without shooting pain.  The chiropractor helped a lot.

We settled on a name :D I'm not the kind of gal who can leave it up in the air until the baby comes, I was getting anxiety not knowing what we would call her.  I always leave a small window open as an out, until I can look at her and know that the name suits her, but we are 98% sure of her first and middle name.  My favorite name.  Jack agreed to use it.  I'm pretty much over the moon and am excited to share it when she gets here.

If we didn't have proof in ultrasound pictures, I'd still be sure this was a boy just because of how different this pregnancy is from Liv's.  The heartburn has been unrelenting and Tums just don't cut it.  I have to take a Pepcid Complete almost every day.  Plus the sitting low in me thing.

I am just as excited to see what she looks like as I was the first time around.  Will she be blondey, blue-eyed like Liv, or darker with my green eyes?  Will she be active and social and extroverted like Liv, or keep to herself more?

It has been very difficult to feel like I do enough with/for Olivia while pregnant, and sometimes the guilt creeps in.  I have to remind myself that I'm giving her a little sister and how great it will be for her to have (hopefully) a best friend and companion for the rest of her life.  Someone to play with and who understands her better than mom and dad can.  I'm sure I'll have to remind myself of this even more when Little Sister is actually here and she doesn't get enough of me because I have to split my time and LS will be the more demanding kid.  I honestly have no idea how Olivia will react to having a baby in the house.  She hasn't really been around babies ever and I don't know if it is sweet, affectionate Olivia who is good at being soft and sharing who will come out; or feisty, independent drama queen Olivia who loves to be the center of attention.

I've gained 20 pounds so far.  I haven't been eating unhealthy, I just get hungry a lot more often.  I follow the same pattern I always have as far as eating clean and pure foods. I eat fruits, veggies, whole grains, lean proteins, and full-fat dairy.  I use good portion sizes, don't eat candy or drink soda, and I don't like to eat the low-fat, no-sugar, artificial stuff that has chemicals and junk in.  My weakness is still homemade cake and cookies, and sometimes ice cream, but I haven't been eating more sweets than I do when I'm not pregnant.  I feel like my body is putting on the amount of weight it needs to for the baby and I am feeling pretty good about where I'm at.  With Olivia I lost 15 pounds in the first trimester (I was so sick I had to go get an iv twice for dehydration) and then put 40 pounds on.  With this I'm 5 pounds under where I was at this point with Liv, which I chalk up to chasing a toddler all day.

I haven't had as much time to focus on the fact that there is baby coming.  I make the plans and feel the pregnancy and deal with the symptoms, but there are still moments in the day where it hits me again that I am going to have another little girl.  Two kids.  Mother of two.  Olivia, and another one whom I will love just as much as Olivia.  I'm boggled.

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