Friday, March 1, 2013


Do you ever wish you could freeze a moment?  I think it often.  If I had one super power it would be to freeze time.  When I was younger I would have used it to study more for finals or extend a date.  Lately it usually has to do with my little one and the fact that she is literally growing before my eyes.

When it is too cold to go outside (which has basically been the past three months) I like to go walking on the track at our rec center.  The walkers have to stay in the inside lanes, and Olivia doesn't understand this concept and likes to weave back and forth in front of the runners so Jack usually takes her into the stands above the pool to climb up and down the big concrete steps and get her energy out.  The other night when I finished my walk I went in to sit by them.  A rare sight met me; Jack was cradling Olivia in his arms and singing her a song.  It wasn't rare that Jack was holding her and being sweet, it was rare that she was holding still and allowing herself to be cradled.  When I sat down she climbed into my lap, wrapped her chubby arms around me, and laid her head against my chest.  Then sat like that for 20 minutes.  It was miraculous.  I wished so bad I could not only freeze that moment, but store to visit later.  When she is too big to hold or doesn't want to be my friend, or doesn't live with us anymore, or has a husband to take care of her instead of her Mama and Daddy.  I would go back to this moment and hug her little body and smell her sweet toddler breath and rub my cheek against her blonde baby curls.  At least I can hold onto the memory.

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