Sunday, March 31, 2013

Happy Easter

We took Olivia to the neighborhood Easter egg hunt yesterday morning, but when we got there we realized we had forgotten to bring her Easter basket!  I figured we could just have her hand us the eggs she gathered and we could hold them or stuff them in our pockets.  As soon as Liv crossed the starting line she realized that the other kids had baskets and she didn't.  I got her to hand me a couple, but then she started picking up eggs and putting them in the other kids' baskets!  They would get anxious when they saw her put her hand in their basket, but then realized she was adding to their cache, not taking from.  So they were stoked.  And Olivia was just happy to be collecting something and putting it in containers (which is her favorite activity at home).  We did manage to get her to hand us a few eggs, and she enjoyed sitting on the grass and opening them to find candy inside.  We let her eat as many candies as she wanted in the moment and then took them home, emptied the rest, and filled them with nuts and organic bunny crackers for her to open later.  What touched me was that, even when she discovered there was candy inside the eggs, she still went and tried to give some of her candy to the other kids.  The other moms were amazed and I was so proud of my generous, sweet girl.  She will be such a great big sister.  I can't believe how much she has grown since last Easter
This morning before church I filled her basket with her gifts: a new pack of colored pencils (she is wearing down her current ones at an alarming rate and this pack has 12 new colors!), a pencil box to hold all of her pencils, a Barbie movie, and some snacks instead of candy.  We also got her a trike that I am excited for Jack to put together.  I wonder how she will take to it...  I'm not a big candy person and rarely eat it, but Jack got me some of the treats I do love: reese's eggs and fererro rocher, and also a $50 gift card to Target.  I got him some collectible things he can build and put together.  Remember our baskets last Easter?

We had some wonderful Easter Sunday classes at church.  I'm go grateful for the atoning sacrifice of Jesus Christ and that we are able to remember Him one this day (in the form of egg hunts and Barbie DVDs apparently ;)

and now are waiting for Livs to wake up from her nap so we can go have Easter lunch/dinner at Jack's mother's house with a few of his siblings and their kids. I love spending time with family on holidays, it's my favorite thing about celebrating.
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