Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Hawaii day 1- SLC to Honolulu

We left on Tuesday.  We originally had an 8:30am flight and a layover in San Jose that was only 20 minutes, then to Maui, then onto Honolulu.  We were flying to Maui first because we planned to leave Maui to come home the next week and a roundtrip to and from there was cheaper.  Jack was so worried about the overly tight connection in San Jose that Expedia had booked us on that he called Delta directly.  They said there's no way we could make the connection in that short of time and would be stuck in San Jose all day until a flight out late that night.   Instead, they gave us a nonstop flight from SLC to Honolulu for no additional cost!  We could leave at 11:45am and because of the nonstop, we would get there the same time we would have originally! (Confused? :) )

The later flight was such a blessing, because then my mom wouldn't have to leave her house at 6am to get us to the airport.  We had been preparing for weeks: deep cleaning the house me making lists for Olivia, doing all laundry, packing, buying maternity things for the trip, Jack getting our business set up for when we were gone, etc. I woke up with Olivia, we ate breakfast together and took a shower together.  Jack came down and played with her and held her while I finished packing my toiletries and the things I had used to get ready that morning.  I came into the living room to find him looking at her with tears in his eyes.  It was really sweet.  A month before I had almost considered not going.  This was by far the longest we had ever left her and it was hard.  I had spent many sleepless nights, but now was adequately prepared thanks to prayer and the support of Jack and my mom.
Jack's sister, Amanda, was so sweet to take us to the airport so that my mom could just stay at the house with Olivia and make the transition easier.  We loaded our bags and walked out the door while Liv was playing with her toys.
glasses and braces? What am I, thirteen years old?

I was excited to be traveling again!  It was so great to be in the airport and on the plane, just the two of us.  The flight went by quickly.  We ate snacks and lunch, watched a movie on my laptop, read magazines, and played Monopoly on Jack's ipad. Soon we were disembarking in Honolulu!  Jack bought me a lei and we drove our rental car to the Hilton Waikiki Village.  Once there, we bought tickets to the rooftop luau and took our bags to our room.  We each took a quick shower to rinse off the flight and then I dressed in a bright orange sundress and fixed my hair.
The employees welcomed us up onto the rooftop with shell necklaces and virgin mai-tais.  We sat at our table and listened to the band play Hawaiian music.  There were hula girls dancing in the aisles.  It was a pretty small group (about 100 people) which was nice.  A large Polynesian lady with a gorgeous voice sang while the men and women in the show danced and then we lined up at a big buffet to get food.  All of the rolls were purple because they have purple potatoes in Hawaii :)  The food was fantastic and we loved watching the dancers.  An hour before the show was over though I grabbed Jack's hand and we snuck quietly away.  We walked barefoot through the ponds, gardens, and pools at the resort and straight out onto the beach.  The water was much warmer than I had anticipated and it was so fun to walk through the wet sand holding hands and watching the sky get darker.  We sat on the beach and talked for a long time, then noticed that a young Hawaiian teenager had been trolling the shallow water with a flashlight for quite sometime.  When we was further down the beach from us, he pulled something out of the water and hauled it up onto the beach.  We walked down to investigate.  He had caught a small octopus!  He said he was taking it home for his mom to cook for their family's dinner.  I was able to touch the suckers on the bottom of its tentacles and it was a pretty cool experience.  Because we were four hours ahead of Utah time, I was exhausted by 9pm and we went up to rinse off the sand and snuggle into bed.

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