Friday, March 29, 2013

Hawaii day 2- Oahu

I woke up at 4:30am.  Couldn't go back to sleep.  It was 8:30 in Utah, which technically was sleeping in for me.  I laid in bed in our hotel room for a while and then went out onto the balcony to watch the sun rise.  When Jack woke up we jumped in the shower and then I dressed in a black tank and maxi skirt and went down to get Starbucks from the lobby.
After eating scones and drinking fraps in bed, we walked around the resort, looking at the tropical parrots perched all along the paths and the ponds full of huge koi fish.  We ended up on the beach again and then went back up to the room so I could pack a small bag to take with us for the day. 

We got to Pearl Harbor at about 9am and I ran inside to get tickets.  The tours stopped at 1:00 and the only spots they had available were for 12:45!  We could either wait around in Honolulu for three and a half hours and lose whatever else we wanted to do that day, or we could skip it altogether.  I almost cried.  Jack though, ever the clever one, got us in to the 9:30am tour :) I think it helped that the tourguide saw my big belly as well.  We went into a theatre and watched a movie about the Pearl Harbor attack.  It was so cool and so sad to see all of the real footage from that day.  We then took a boat out to the USS Arizona, which still had the smoke stacks sticking out of the water and had a memorial set up with all of the names of the men who had died.  The ship was a burial site for most of the men who had been on the boat and also, any man who had served on the Arizona and had survived the attack, later has the choice of being buried in the ship once he dies.  The whole experience was just amazing to me.  I'm a huge WWII aficionado and love anything having to do with that time period, so it was especially special to me.  Visiting Pearl Harbor was something I was able to cross off of my bucket list.

no I don't have extensions, my hair was just ratty from the humidity :/

After the tour we got in our rental car and drove about an hour and a half to the Polynesian Cultural Center.  The drive was beautiful and we kept the windows open the whole time and listened to music while smelling the ocean breeze.  This tunnel we went through reminded me of the entrance to Jurassic Park :)

We stopped at the Oahu temple and walked the grounds before going on to the PCC and having lunch there.  We bought day passes and walked around to different stations that had presentations and shows about the different Polynesian cultures and traditions.  They sang, danced, cracked coconuts, and climbed tall trees.  We then got ice cream and sat by the river to watch the river parade.

When I got too tired we went to the car and made our way back to the airport.  On the way I noticed that my week-old pedicure was peeling so Jack stopped somewhere for me to get my toenails repainted :)  We took the short flight from Oahu to Maui, where our group of friends met us with fresh flower leis and a big van.  We all hopped in and drove to our rental condo, which was so nice!  It was big and open and airy and every couple had their own room.  Tasha and Jordan made pasta and garlic bread for dinner and then we all talked and played a few games before people got tired (again, around 9:30pm) and started to drift off to their separate rooms.  We and Tasha and Jordan lasted the longest so we had the most fun that night. Obvi.

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