Thursday, April 4, 2013

30 Weeks :D

I think I was this big right before giving birth the first time around :/

30 weeks always feels so far away when you start out on the journey to making a baby.  To me, it's the beginning of the home stretch.  If this baby follows Olivia's pattern (which seems to be likely, she is measuring a little big just like Livs), we could have as little as 7 weeks left.  Jack and I are trying to make the most of these last weeks of Olivia's only child status.  We have been going for walks, to different parks and playlands, to the zoo, out for special treats, and having the occasional snuggle-in movie night.  I let her sit up on the counter and help me make waffles or cake, and at night she always gets extra books as we sit in her big rocking chair and I read before bed.  We're just trying to drink her in before things get crazy.  Also, the weather has been sooo nice and it has been wonderful to spend so much time outside.

I started on the nursery this week.  Jack said I could just decorate it how I want and then surprise him, which I was pretty excited about.   It's been a while since I had a project to work on.I'm thinking grey and lavender.  Maybe a little bit of dirty yellow thrown in.  We got a dresser and crib from Ikea, and I've already put together the dresser.  Olivia helped by sticking the screws and pegs into any hole she could find in the wood.  It was a divine miracle that I was able to finish it without losing a single piece of hardware or without her splitting something open while climbing on the drawers, boxes, and empty frame.  This girl has got to be one of the most coordinated toddlers around.  She can scale the bars at the playground like they are nothing.

Still the same downs as the last post: heartburn that only Pepcid Complete helps with, and baby sitting super low.  I have to take several breaks a day off my feet, which isn't always easy.  A walk up the stairs or just a few jogging steps can bring on Braxton Hicks contractions.  The muscle soreness and pain in my pelvis get pretty bad sometimes.

Perhaps one of the most annoying things though is the moodiness.  If poor Jack so much as looks at me wrong it can bring on tears.  He is so great about it though.  We got into a small argument yesterday and of course I took it way too hard and started crying and left the house (it was something small that normally wouldn't have even gotten to me at all).  When I got back, he had taken Olivia and gotten me a big chocolate cake and a big, sunny bouquet of flowers.  He shouldn't have, because he didn't really do anything wrong, but he just wanted me to feel better.  Even just a long day where I am more uncomfortable than usual can send me to bed in tears.  I'm sick of it. I know it's ridiculous, but there's no stopping the crying.

Our evenings have become more precious.  Liv goes to bed at around 7:30 now that it's lighter later, and Jack and I eat food and watch one of our favorite shows and just talk.  It will be so strange to start over with a newborn again and have her with me at odd hours until we can get a sleep schedule down.

I'm so excited though.  I can't wait for the hospital stay (I love hospitals), and to meet our little girl, bring her home, smell her new smell, dress her in her tiny onesies, and breastfeed again.  I love nursing and I really miss it.  I stopped nursing Olivia at 16 months, when we were trying for another baby, and while Olivia transitioned just fine, I had a hard time giving up that quiet one-on-one time together.  Hopefully baby #2 latches and catches on just as easily as Liv.  I was very lucky to have no complications or difficulty the first time around (besides the usual soreness).

I will post pics of the nursery when it is done, and until then we are enjoying our last weeks as three!

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