Monday, April 8, 2013

Hawaii day 3- Maui

Our first day in Maui with our friends was Road to Hana day.  If you've never heard of the road to Hana, it's supposed to be considered the most beautiful drive in North America or something like that.  It's a coastline drive along a thin, winding road that includes tons of places to stop at waterfalls, beaches, temples, etc. that ends at the small town of Hana. It's a full-day excursion.

I woke up around 4:30 again (dang time change), and laid in bed for a while.  Around 6, Jack and I took a shower and got ready.  One by one, our friends streamed into the kitchen and ate a groggy breakfast, packed lots of snacks, and we all piled into the van.

We had a list of the must see places along the road, and figured we'd just drive and stop at places until we were sick of it.  The first stop was a short hiking trail up to a waterfall.  It was gorgeous, but the water was super cold.  I had to go slow, with the baby sitting so low and the Braxton Hicks coming at me pretty good.  I was glad I had bought Jack and I some waterproof hiking sandals, since some of the hike was through the streams and river and I had good traction to keep me from taking a spill.  Clar fell in and had to hike the rest with no pants on :) (don't worry, she had her swimsuit on). At the beginning of the hike there was a fruit stand that sold coconuts.  When you buy one, the guy would chop off the top and stick a straw in so you could drink the milk.  Then when you finished the milk, he would chop it down further so you could scrape out the coconut meat.  I'm not a big fan of coconuts and I concluded that the milk tasted like dirty socks.  Tracy loved it though because he had had coconuts a lot on his LDS mission in Brazil and had missed the taste so he was pretty stoked.

We also stopped at a black sand beach that was made cooler by the fact the the sky was dark and cloudy.  It made the whole beach even darker and more ominous. The water was a dark cobalt blue because it wasn't lit from underneath by white sand.  I collected some rocks off the beach for my mom's rock collection.

The drive was long and twisty-turny, but after many gorgeous vista, hairpin turns, and pulling of to the side to let people by (it was one-lane in many places), we finally made it to Hana.  We stopped at a sketchy roadside open-air shack for some questionable Thai food and then headed back to our condo in Kihei.  On the way back, Eric asked to stop and we all got out at a random trailhead.  This turned out to be one of the best decisions of the day because at the end of the trail there was a waterfall with a rope swing on top and the boys were able to swing into the water.

We came home exhausted, ate some pizza, played a few board games, and hit the sack.  I'm glad we took a day to drive to Hana, but I don't think I'd do it again.  Especially pregnant.

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