Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Hawaii day 4- Maui (Wailea Beach)

Thursday was beach day!  We got up and ate breakfast, packed the car FULL of beach chairs, snorkeling gear, skim boards, towels, snacks, and coolers full of sandwiches and cold soda and water.  I thought everything might not fit, but we managed
We stopped at a surf shop to rent a few things and then drove about 10 minutes to Wailea Beach, parked, and hauled our stuff down some walkways to the sand.  The beach was amazing and was backed by two really nice resorts so it was super clean and not very crowded.  We kicked off our shoes and picked a spot to set up.  The sand was sooo fine, white, and silky soft.  

Before the trip I had debated on what kind of swimsuit to wear since I was sooo pregnant.  I ended up throwing all decency into the wind and sported a bikini.  I really wanted to take advantage of feeling the sun on my skin (after the long winter we'd been having in Northern Utah), and my friends are pretty much family so I didn't feel the least bit self conscious about it.  It was glorious.  The water was so warm, and Jack and I rode waves together and swam and talked until I was tired.

Jack walked to up to one of the resorts and brought me back a frozen lemonade with a little umbrella in it :) Then the girls laid out, ate snacks, and read magazines, while the boys went out snorkeling.  They saw tons of fish and were so close to sea turtles that they were able to hold onto their shells and be pulled through the water!  When they got back we put together our sandwiches and had chips, cold drinks, and cookies.  The boys then skim boarded and Tasha and Kassie rented paddle boards and pretty much were bosses at it.

 When we were all beached out, we packed up and headed back to the condo so we could all shower and get ready for dinner.  We ate at a burger joint called Boss Frog's in downtown Kihei.  I thought my hair looked natural and beachy that night, but looking at the photo it looks more like I just climbed out of a dumpster after living in it for a week.  Oh, well.

 There was a wicked awesome photo on the wall by our table that reminded me of the creepy kitty living in the yard of our rental condo.  We called it (the real one in the yard) sunken kitty and kept an eye out for her the whole trip.
 After dinner, the boys drove north to see Warren and Annabelle's Magic Show.  In true male fashion, they didn't take any pictures.  The girls stayed home and made bracelets and took online quizzes to find out which Harry Potter and Hunger Games characters we were.  We made good use of our time in Hawaii that night ;)

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