Friday, April 12, 2013

leggings tutorial

a few weeks ago I saw a tutorial on Pinterest for how to make baby leggings out of a mini skirt.  Last week when I was at H&M I saw the cutest fabric on a $6 mini (I've heard that Forever XXI and Rue 21 also have cheap skirts sometimes), and thought I'd get it for some leggings for Livi. It was super easy to do.  Easier than handing the cashier at H&M a mini skirt when I am obviously hugely pregnant, and having her look at me like there's no way I can or should be wearing it.

First I turned the mini skirt inside-out and laid a pair of Olivia's existing leggings on top, with one side matching up with the edge of the skirt (that way I could use the already sewn edge and wouldn't have to do it myself).

I pinned around the outsides and along the inner legs of the existing leggings.

I cut out around the outside of the pin line and then sewed along it.  The great thing about using a mini skirt is that you don't have to make the waist or hem the bottoms since they are already there!

Turn those bad boys right side out and BAM!  Killer baby leggings.
 Livi wanted to showcase the full effect of the leggings.  White baby belly included.

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