Wednesday, May 1, 2013

34 Weeks

We are gearing up for D-day around here.  The nursery is done and Jack is quickly checking off his to-do list (schedule pest control and window washers, work on putting up a fence in the backyard, kill all weeks, bring up portable A/C units...). Olivia came 19 days before her due date and at my doc appointment last week he said to be prepared for this one to be even earlier since it was my second and Liv had come so early and easily by herself.  This means I could be delivering in three weeks if she comes at 37 weeks like Olivia did.  Wow.  It's crazy how you spend what feels like a year anticipating your new baby and then feel like the end just sneaks up on you.

*The crazy unbearable pain and pressure in my pelvis has lessened substantially as long as I lay down a few times throughout the day and take an Epsom salt bath every night to keep swelling down and my muscles feeling okay.  
*Pepcid complete still is the only thing that helps with the heartburn.  
*With Olivia I got Braxton Hicks contractions early and often.  This time they have just started in the past couple of weeks but are much more intense than I remember.
*I feel like I have a little more energy lately
*I have started getting a tad nauseous again and having aversions to smells, which makes me feel like the end is near
*My bones feel like jello and I can feel my pelvis shift when I walk downstairs or when I stand after laying down
*I have gained 30 pounds so far.  Nothing in the last month though which is weird.  Maybe I just gained most of what I needed before now.  With Olivia I'm pretty sure I gained close to 50, but I just don't feel as much like eating this time around.  Do you ever get to the point where you are just tired of food?  I'm there.  Especially since I basically have to snack all day long to have energy and not feel yuck
*I have been so warm.  This is also new with baby #2.  I have to sleep with the temperature at 63 and only a sheet on me

I have no idea how to take care of two kids.  Olivia has been sooooo needy lately, always needing Jack or I (preferably both) to be right next to her in whatever she is doing.  She will grab our hand and lead us over to whatever she wants to be doing.  Jack working in his office, or me cleaning, cooking, and resting are unacceptable.  Only playing toys on the floor or walking outside will be permitted by Olivia or tantrums will ensue.  It's exhausting.  I don't know if, subconsciously, she knows she's about to loose the limelight or if the terrible twos are showing up a month ahead of schedule, but this is one nervous and worn-out mama.

It will be fine though. I am letting go of all expectations. I am ready for our lives to change again.  I'm thinking there will be extreme lack of sleep, more toddler TV permitted than usual, more loads of tiny clothes, and lots of tears from two babies and their mom.  I'm also thinking there will be less anxiety about doing things the "right" way with a newborn, less questioning my abilities and knowledge, a concentrated feeling of the Spirit in our home with the arrival of a new little soul, and {almost} as many happy tears as sad or frustrated.
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