Friday, May 3, 2013

Hawaii day 6- Our last day!

We got a slow start on Sunday, everyone trickling out of bed and eating fruit and muffins around the counter and table.  We started packing up our stuff and making sure the house was in order just to get a start on things.  Tasha, Jordan, Clar, and Tracy decided to attend one meeting of church so Kassie, Eric, Jack, and I dropped them off at a church meeting and then went for a drive.  We found a really neat craft fair that had lots of booths of local, handmade things.  We bought jewelry for the people who had helped with Olivia while we were gone and I found a cool little wooden frog for Liv that made frog noises when you dragged a little wand across it's back.

We picked up the other two couples and went home to change for lunch.  There's a restaurant on Maui called Mama's Fish House that has a stellar reputation.  We had made reservations weeks prior and were able to get right in.  The restaurant is situated right on the beach and you can stand on shore and watch the surfers.  The restaurant was authentically Hawaiian and had tons of fresh fish options.  It was probably one of the most expensive places we've ever eaten, but sooooo good.  I'd say it was definitely worth it.  It was nice to have one more sit-down meal as a group and slow down a little to talk about the trip over good food.  We went outside to take some photos and then headed back to our town.  We stopped at a park to play some beach volleyball, which I had been looking forward to until I realized I couldn't stretch, jump, or dive while pregnant.

We then went home to finish packing and get everything together.  We took some last photos outside the condo and piled into the van one last time.  Clar, Tracy, Kassie, and Eric had the same flight and had to be there earlier than us so they dropped us off at Tasha and Jordan's hotel (T and J didn't leave until the next morning).  It was nice because Jack and I were able to take a shower and freshen up since we hadn't had a chance after beach volleyball.  We ordered pizza, which arrived too late for us to really eat it, and we each grabbed a piece to eat in the shuttle to the airport.

Our flight home left around 10:30 and was the most miserable flight I had ever been on.  Jack took some sleeping pills and was able to fall asleep (which was good so he could get some work done when we got home), but I have a hard time sleeping on planes and was basically just sitting in the dark listening to my ipod for 4 hours.  Jack's dad and dad's wife were in Hawaii the same week we were and had the exact same layover in LA.  His dad travels a lot for work and we were able to take advantage of the Delta lounge courtesy of his advanced status.  We ate breakfast and talked until our connection flew out.  That next leg was not as bad.  We arrived in Salt Lake, caught a ride home with Jack's dad.  We were so excited to see Olivia.  She rushed right in to our arms.

Hawaii was so magical.  I feel so blessed that we had the opportunity to go, and with my best friends no less.  I have thought about our trip every day since we have been home.  I hope to take our girls someday, but if not, the memories I have are priceless.  It was such a fantastic week.

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