Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Our Pre-baby To Do List for #2

Post note: I previously forgot to add the name of the window cleaning company we use in #2.  It's Squeaky Clean windows and they are based out of Salem, but will travel up around Utah county and they are fantastic.  

I thought I'd make a list of things we have made priority before baby #2 arrives, in case it helps others compile a similar list!  Luckily most of our tasks aligned with things we wanted to do for spring cleaning anyway.  It's hard to get things done when you have a toddler and are exhausted pregnant, but I imagine it's even more difficult to get them done when you have a toddler and a newborn and are going on a week's worth of sleepless nights!  Plus, who wants to bring their baby home with unfinished tasks still on their mind?

1. Deep clean the house.  Especially the bathrooms, floors, kitchen, fridge, and pantry.  Simplify and throw out anything old/unused/expired.

2. Have the windows cleaned.  This is a spring-cleaning task, our windows were atrocious.  Mostly due to the hard water in the sprinklers.  You can do this yourself (I've heard that a vinegar/water solution helps with hard water residue); we have used the company Squeaky Clean Windows twice now (it's father and his sons), once for my MIL's and then on our house a few weeks ago.  They are the best I've seen.

3. Have the house sprayed for bugs.  Another spring item.  This we did do ourselves because Jack learned from a former pro about a solution you can buy at IFA along with a sprayer and it works really well and is 100% safe for pets and babies.  Just in case, he sprayed a few weeks ago to give it time to dry and fade before the baby gets here.  If the piles of dead ants on the back porch and the lack of spiders in the house is any indication, it has worked really well.  He also fertilized the lawn.

4. Go through all of Olivia's baby clothes and toys, pre-treat all stains and wash, throw out anything too stained, worn, or ugly.  Disinfect toys.

5. Deep-clean Olivia's room, organize, and throw out.  It was fun finding her infant toys, washing, and storing them in the new baby's room.

6. Make sure baby has all essentials.  Amazingly, thanks to stuff we already had and things my SIL Pam gave us, we hardly had to buy anything new for our baby.  Which is nice but not as fun ;)

My must-haves are as follows:
-onesies, shirts, pants, socks, and pajamas.  For newborns I love the pjs that are like a sack with a bungee at the bottom.  They make late-night changings so easy.
-Diapers and sensitive wipes.
-unscented lotions and baby oil
-baby bath that fits in the tub, wash cloths
-nasal aspirator, thermometer
-crib and bassinet (she will sleep in my room until 6mo), sheets, waterproof mat
-swaddling blankets
-swing (stock up on batteries!), stroller (we upgraded to a double), approved carseat with newborn insert, and carseat cover
-breast pump (Olivia wouldn't take a bottle, but hopefully it will come in handy more with this one), and Dr Brown bottles (they keep your baby from swallowing air).
-large pads, witch hazel, pain pills, dark underwear

7. Wash all linens, sheets, towels, and dirty clothes.  Then I'm only left with small loads from here to D-day.  Also detach and wash all liners for the carseat, stroller, high chair, and swing.

8.  Make freezer meals, especially for Olivia.  I want her to have healthy pasta or rice and veggie options for when I can't cook.  I also made jam because I do every summer.

9. Get my hair colored, a pedicure, and stock up on my favorite self-tanner.  'Cause I won't do these things after the baby comes and I want to look good in the hospital photos.

10. Charge all cameras and ipods, set up babysitters for when we are in the hospital, and pack a hospital bag.

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