Friday, May 10, 2013

This Spring via iphone Pics

Playing in her new pool

 Friday brunch trips to the Waffle Luv truck (Fridays they are in Lehi)
 Date nights at the movies
 Dinners out with friends and family
 Olivia's response to the "smile" cue for photos
 Riding the merry-go-round in St George
 Yogurt and the play place at Chick fil A (and another "smile" cue)
 Getting my hair colored before baby comes
 Walks in the forest by our house, finding bugs and flowers
 Playing in the "sand box" Nana gave her.  Maybe we will get an actual sand box for the sand now that Tucker isn't here to pee or dig in it...
We are loving this warm weather and Olivia wants to be outside every second of the day.  It's nice to have more for her to do, but I'm getting sick of the tantrums that follow every time I won't take her outside when she points to the door.  Which is about every ten minutes.  Ever since she was tiny she would rather be out than in.

And I'm off to my 35-week doctor's appt!  With Olivia I started getting contractions at 36 weeks and she came at 37 so we will see if this baby is anxious as well :)  Until she comes, we are just soaking up the moments as a family of three.

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