Friday, May 31, 2013

Two! Two! Two!

On Tuesday Olivia turned her favorite number, two.  Here's what we did to celebrate our sweet girl:

She had one of her favorite breakfasts, oatmeal with blueberries
 She and I took a long, warm shower together where we sat in the bottom of the shower and played dinosaurs.  She loves for me to hold her and sing while the water lands on her back.  She then warmed up in my bed and asked for her balloons.  She was obsessed with the Tigger and Pooh balloon.

 After getting dressed Dad came down and it was time to open presents!  Olivia knew exactly what to do.  She brought each of her three gifts over, tore the wrapping off, examined them, and then asked Dad to open the packaging.  

 waiting patiently (where did those cheeks come from?!  The rest of her is thinning out the older she gets, but luckily the chipmunk cheeks are staying put a while longer)

 She loved her Winnie the Pooh figurines, Snow White doll, and Toy Story toys.  Her favorite is Buzz.

 The three of us took a trip to Target where Olivia got to pick out another toy.  She ended up getting three small ones because they were only a couple bucks each
After her nap we went to Cheesecake Factory for lunch.  Lucky girl got her own slice of cheesecake! (Okay, so I ate half of it.)  She even knew to blow out the candle on top!  I caught the moment with my phone:

We then met up with Jack's sister, Pam, and her family at the Living Planet Aquarium
 Olivia LOVED it.  She ran around with her cousin (and one of her best friends) Zac and gave us all some decent exercise.  Her favorites included: the concrete frog you could climb on, jellyfish, and a fish called a chub that looked like you could find in any pond nearby.  She was brave and pet the small shark there, but when the stingray flipped it's fin at her she let out a war cry in self-defense.

It was a wonderful day.  We are so grateful for our fun, adventurous Livi and are excited to see what this second year brings out in her amazing personality.
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