Saturday, June 29, 2013

Berlin's Nursery

This room used to be my craft room.  We moved my sewing machines and shelves of fabric and paper into alcove in the loft, and lo and behold!  A room for Berlin!  It's a pretty teeny room, which is fine because she is a pretty teeny girl.  I didn't do too much to it, I love white and wanted to keep things simple so I could change the decor in the future if I wanted.  I found a greyish crib at Ikea that I LOVED and then saw the dresser on the way down to 'self serve' :)  I got the branch from our back yard, sewed the hearts and hung them from it, and used embroidery hoops for matching fabric and paper.  The dress on the wall will be Berlin's blessing dress.  Both of my girls' blessing dresses are from Gap.  The shelving unit and cubes are just from Walmart, and the frames from Hobby Lobby.

My sister Brittain made this darling banner for our girl

The quote says "Twinkle, Twinkle little star, you'll never know how loved you are."  This has significance because I always call Olivia my sunshine.  She just shines so brightly that she lights up whatever room she is in.  I knew, somehow, that Berlin would be my little Star.  Just a calm, beautiful, twinkling little light, but a star in her own right.  As steady as North.  

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