Monday, June 17, 2013

Week two with BerlinBaby

Berlin is a magical baby :)  She is so sweet and calm and snuggly.  I love rubbing my face against her soft hair and breathing in her new baby smell.  This week I kept on with the feeding schedule- every three hours, with a couple of cluster feedings in the evening to keep her extra full for bed.  I took extra care to make sure she stayed awake for a full feeding every time.  She still struggled with going down by herself, and I have had to comfort her several times before she would either fall asleep or we'd abandon the nap altogether and wait until after the next feeding.  I wasn't too aggressive with the schedule though, and just focused on good feedings and making sure she felt secure and didn't cry too long.  At this point, if she does need to be rocked or fed to sleep I don't stress about it.  She has already fallen nicely into a good day/night pattern, and will go to bed at 9, sleep for 5 hours (I always set my alarm to make sure she doesn't go more than 5 hours without eating at night), eats at 1:30am (which is 5 hours from the 8:30pm feeding), and sleeps for another 3 hours before her next feeding.  Sometimes I break my rule and keep her in bed after the second feeding so that I can wake up and see her face next to mine :)  I'll make sure not to make this a habit though so that she doesn't feel like she needs to be next to me to fall asleep.  She had her 2-week appointment today and weighed 8lbs 5oz, which is 55% and is 21inches, which is 77%

Olivia is still so great with her.  She loves to hold her and will go put Berlin's paci back in her mouth when she is in her swing and starts to cry.  She likes to include Berlin in her play, and will ask to have her in the tub with her or outside when she is playing in the yard.  As soon as Olivia comes downstairs in the morning, she will look around and ask "baby?" she likes to always know where she is.

We've had to start implementing a form of 'time outs' this week with Liv.  The terrible twos have made their debut.  I don't think it has so much to do with the new baby as just that Olivia is getting older and more headstrong.  When she does something naughty right after I have specifically asked her not to, I will sit her on a stool and explain to her that we don't do those things and ask her to please not do it again.  She has been very good to sit and listen and says "Okay.  Okay mom" (which melts my heart) and, most of the time, will not do it again (for a while at least).  She is such a sweetheart, she just has a lot of energy and knows what she wants and doesn't want.  I have tried to, at least once a day, sit down and hold her and sing with her, or read books, just tell her how important she is.  I think it is helping her not get so impatient with Berlin's endless feedings that take my time away from her.

Also, I know Liv is more than ready to potty train.  When I have a little more time and leeway to keep a sharp eye on her, we'll bring out the little potty.  Honestly, I think she is more ready than I am to be done with diapers.  Not that I enjoy changing her, but she absolutely hates getting her diaper changed. She hates having to hold still that long.  She had her 2-year appointment this morning and is weighing in at 31lbs and is 35.5 inches tall, tall, tall!

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