Thursday, July 25, 2013

25 months and 6 weeks

I can’t believe how different my girls are.  Berlin is only 7 weeks old, but her little spirit is already so apparent and I can see the differences in these two.

Olivia is and always has been my sunshine.  I always tell her that.  Not the quiet rays at the day’s end, but the bright, bursting light of midday that warms your core and makes you squint.  She lights up whatever space she is in and leaves very little room for anything but her energy.  She engages others with an eagerness that is irresistible and just oozes joy and a thirst for life.  Every emotion she feels, she feels as strongly as possible.  She isn’t just happy, she is ecstatic; she isn’t sad, she is hysterically devastated; she isn’t angry, she is red in the face and irate.  She dances when she hears music, she laughs at her own jokes, she hums and prances when eating a good treat, and sings to keep busy.  She is never still unless she is asleep or her favorite show is on and she makes me feel inadequate on a daily basis to be trusted with such a bright being.  I pray often that my shortcomings as her mother don’t dim her spirit.  Olivia is going to be something great.

Olivia Kimber:
-Is a fantastic big sister.  She is always hugging and kissing Berlin, runs to check on her when she cries, and likes to 'push' her in the baby swing and sing to her.  She calls her 'Beebee' for baby, or 'Bayee' for Berlin.  When she greets her she says "Awww Bayeeee! Coooo" (cute)
-Would be thrilled if we'd let her live outside.  She loves playing in the backyard or at the park by our house.  She and I go exploring in the forest by the lake every chance we get (when we can get Berlin down for a long nap).
-Loves bugs, flowers, trees, and water.  She goes after the small snakes we have seen in the yard on occasion, and will pick up any bug.  We are trying to teach her not to touch spiders because we don't know which are harmful, but she is just so curious and unafraid.
-Loves to help, whether it's getting a diaper, sweeping the floor, or filling up a bucket and watering the garden.
-Is extremely headstrong and independent.  I am definitely learning patience with this girl.  I have learned that getting angry and raising my voice at all has the opposite effect of what I want.  If I treat her like an adult and explain reasons for things, she responds really well.
-Can identify yellow, blue, pink, and red.  Her favorite is pink, I guess the gender definition starts young :)
-Likes to draw circles and balloons
-Is slowly, but surely, getting the hang of potty training.  It has been quite the ordeal and I will do a post all about it when I feel like she is fully trained.
-Takes a two-hour nap at noon, goes to bed at 7pm in her crib, and wakes up at 7am.
-Loves to play hiding games and ring around the rosie, can make almost any animal noise, and identify most animals.  She calls them by the noises they make instead of their names, but knows what the names are and can pick out which animal I ask her.
-Her favorite food is still yogurt.  She has become pickier about veggies (maybe because i have been lazier about fixing them for her and making her eat them).
-She calls treats "peedow", panties are "peedapaw", and popsicles are "poppies".  She will mimic anything we ask her to say, but not always legibly.
-Her favorite animal is an elephant and her favorite show/movies are Winnie the Pooh, Toy Story, and Dora (I'm not a fan of Dora).
-She loves her cousins, and basically any other child she comes in to contact with.  She is incredible at sharing toys and food and very inclusive.  She loves to introduce herself by going up to another child and putting her arm around them, looking them in the face, and talking to them (they usually can't understand her).  If another child snatches her toy, she is good at going to find another one instead of causing issue.
-She is not very good at independent play.  She has been an only child most of her life and had her mom to herself all day and her dad working at home and doesn't like to play by herself.  If I'm busy with something else, she is usually pulling on my hand or shirt saying "Mom, mom, mom, mama, mama, play, play, play..."  I'm glad she has a sister whom she can soon play with

Berlin, though still so new, is just magic to me.  That is the best way I can describe her right now.  She makes my every day just feel so magical.  If Olivia is the sun, then Berlin is a sparkling star.  She is so beautifully calm and still sometimes that I feel like she can read my thoughts and communicate without words or gestures.  She is such an old soul.  She is completely motivated by touch.  She loves to be held and snuggled and kissed.  She holds my hands like we are old friends and pulls me in close when I hold her against my shoulder.  Today she even turned her head and kissed me on the lips.  When she is asleep and I kiss her chubby cheek, she smiles.  She calms easily when upset, and is patient with her sister’s loud affection.  Her wild, dark hair makes her look like something otherworldly, like some sort of forest imp.  I feel like our souls have known each other forever and have been overjoyed these past 7 weeks to be reunited.  I feel like I am at home when I hold her.

Oakley Berlin:
-Wears 0-3 month clothes and size 1 diapers
-Has slept through the night since she was 3 weeks old, with only one 4am feeding
-Has long, thick, dark hair that she loves to touch, and dark bluish/grey eyes.
-Is so affectionate.  When Olivia was an infant she loved to eat always.  Berlin eats when she needs to, but what she really loves is to be held, snuggled, and kissed.
-Does not take naps well during the day
-Makes kissy lips frequently
-Splays her fingers out straight when eating or relaxing.  I joke that she is going to be a cheerleader and is practicing her spirit fingers
-Is very patient with her rambunctious older sister and puts up with rough hugs and kisses
-Is getting super chubby, super fast
-Smiles easily when I talk sweetly to her, and smiles in her sleep when I kiss her cheeks
-Doesn't cry during baths, but doesn't seem overly thrilled
-Went to her first movie in the theatre the other day: Monsters University
-Has long feet and toes and tiny ears like me
-Does not like her swing or carseat, but is getting better at sitting in them for short periods
-Is a calm, happy baby who seems older than she is

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