Thursday, July 4, 2013

Summer goods

Liv and I decided the cool breeze yesterday morning made it a good day to go exploring.  Luckily Berlin cooperated by going down for a long morning nap so I could leave her at home with Jack while he was working.  I discovered that Olivia is a great hiker as we walked through the paths and trails next to Utah lake by our house.  She loves collecting sticks, finding bugs, and following butterflies.  When she finally got tired she walked up to me and held her arms up to be carried, but got back down after 30 seconds when she couldn't resist investigating a particularly tempting pile of sticks.

One of my favorite things about summer is how much delicious fruit is in season.  I love keeping fresh peaches on the counter to peel and top with lite Cool Whip, and big bowls of cherries and chopped pineapple and watermelon in the fridge to snack on all day.  It has been great for shedding the baby weight also.  With both girls I lost my appetite completely the week after giving birth and just shed water weight like crazy.  The first week after I had Berlin I lost 24 pounds.  The second week 4 pounds, and then 2 pounds each of the next two weeks.  I have ten pounds to go before I'm at my pre-baby weight and keeping fruit in good supply is helping a lot.  As far as a diet goes, I'm just sticking with clean eating as much as I usually do, which means only whole grains instead of refined carbs, lots of fruits and veggies, dairy, and lean proteins like chicken and fish.  No low-fat, low-sugar, chemically options.  I do have desserts of course :)  I would say that I don't exercise, but I just realized that when you have a two-year-old (especially one as active as Liv) you are basically exercising all day, chasing, playing, and lifting....and exploring.

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