Friday, August 30, 2013

What's Going on Today

and why my husband is the best.

I had to get an implant in my mouth today.  You see, the reason I have braces for the second time in my life is because I am missing a left, bottom molar.  There simply never was a permanent tooth under my baby tooth.  When I got my wisdom teeth out at about 17 years old, the dentist pulled my baby tooth along with them (I'm not sure why).  I then had a spacer made that snapped in between the teeth on either side of the empty space.  The spacer didn't fit very well and so I never wore it.

 Fast forward 8 years and the teeth on either side of that space have moved into it, and my top teeth have also moved inward since there isn't a tooth there to brace them outward.  In October I got braces to open that space back up and put all my teeth back to rights.  Last week the orthodontist determined that the space is big enough again to fit the implant.  So this morning I went in and the dentist cut open my gums in that space where there is no tooth and put a kind of post in, then sewed my gums back over it.  Over the next four months my bone and tissue will grow around that post to secure it in place, just like a tooth root.  I get my braces off in about two months and then in January the dentist will open my gums back up and screw in a crown, which will look just like a real tooth.

I have been going to Stonehaven Dental for my ortho and dental work and they are really amazing.  I was soooo nervous for the procedure this morning (I haven't even had a filling since my baby tooth days!), but Dr Brett was so quick and efficient!  I got just the right amount of laughing gas so that I felt slightly relaxed, but not loopy or sick.  He numbed it just enough that I didn't feel anything, but not so much that my face was numb, and he was super quick.

Even so, he had to cut quite a bit to open up my gums, and my mouth looks a bit grisly.  Jack took Olivia down to our sister-in-law's house and then held Berlin and sat with me through the appointment. He then ordered me to go home and lay down while he picked Olivia up.  He brought a Sprite with mango puree from Slurp up to the guest bedroom for me, made sure I had my laptop, magazine, and some old movies to watch, and then said he had picked up my favorite soup from Zupas for when I felt like eating.  He gave instructions not to come out and that he had the girls for the rest of the night while I relaxed and recovered (even though it wasn't any major procedure).  He really goes the extra mile as a husband, every single day.  I feel so blessed to have him to share my ups and downs with.

So here I am today, relaxing in bed like it is Mother's Day or some other such special holiday :)  I'm hoping the healing is fast and am SO STOKED to have my teeth looking great and all my work complete in just a few short months!
movie choices today include: Calamity Jane (Doris Day), Seven Brides for Seven Bros, and Tammy and the Bachelor.  If you are a fan of old, corny movies and haven't seen these three, please do so immediately.

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

The time my husband turned 31

Wednesday was Jack's birthday.  While he was still sleeping I took the girls out to get him balloons like I usually do.  When I got to Macey's they informed me that there was a helium shortage going on and that they hadn't received their shipment! What are the odds?!  I drove down to Partyland and they had a big banner up that said "We have helium!"...but they didn't open until 10.  So I went home and blew up some balloons to scatter around on the floor.  Jack woke up and opened his gifts: a book, new garments, and Apple TV.  I made french toast for breakfast and and we played with the girls until my sister, Brittain got here at 11 to babysit.  We went to lunch and a movie (Elysium) and then came home and I made Jack his favorite dessert, key lime pie.  I put too much jello in it and it turned out...not good. I was pretty upset.

On Thursday Jack's sister came over at 3 to stay with Olivia and Jack, Berlin, and I headed up to Park City!  We stayed at one of the cottages at the Hotel Park City.  It was an AMAZING experience.  We carried our bags inside and just stopped to stare.  There was a small bathroom in the front hallway, then the cottage opened up to a full kitchen, dining room, and living room with vaulted ceilings and big wooden beams.  Off to the right was a huge bedroom, closet, and bathroom with whirlpool tub.  In a side hallway was a washer and dryer.  Off of the dining room was our own balcony with a gorgeous view, a hot tub, and a fireplace that went through into the bedroom.  I would highly recommend booking a cottage here for a super special occasion.

 Berlin enjoyed the huge bed

 Jack relaxed in the hot tub and Berlin took a nap in her rocker while I made a snack run to the local market.
Hotel Park City has an amazing steak house called Ruth's Chris.  The restaurant has the best steaks I've ever had, but is definitely one of the most expensive restaurants we've been to.  Since it was Jack's birthday, we splurged.

 Calamari for an appetizer
 I love when the lemons have those little net things on to catch the seeds ;) classy
We got a wedge salad, a side of southwestern mac & cheese and each got the filet.  Jack's Oscar-style (with a crab and asparagus bernaise added) and mine with a bleu cheese crust.  They were to die for.
Our little Berlinbaby just dozed in her stroller the whole time.  She is such a content little thing
 Ruth's Chris has a super good banana custard tart with carmelized sugar on  top.  Jack got to blow out a candle on top.
 We walked back down the path to our cottage and Berlin and I took her nightly bath in the big tub.  I was so glad we brought her, she was great the whole time and then I didn't have to worry about feedings or her schedule.  Or missing her :)
 After she was in bed we played board games and drank soda out of wine glasses
 This was seriously the most romantic place I have ever stayed.  Jack and I sat in the hot tub on our balcony, enjoying the cold breeze and smell of fresh rain, then took a shower together in the big, glass shower, and snuggled on the couch in the dark and watched the lightening outside our window.  It was pitch black outside, but every time a lightening bolt split the sky it would light up the lake and trees so bright that the photos look like it was daytime.  We fell asleep in the huge bed, with the fireplace on, listening to the storm.

He said it was the best birthday he's ever had, and I agreed.  Our birthdays just keep getting better and better the longer we are together and the more children we have to fill our lives.

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Birthday Boy

Today is this guy's 31st birthday.

I love him more than anything in the world.  I would do anything for him.  He's my best friend and I'm so lucky he found me, and more than that, wanted to marry me.

Homemade Mac n Cheese

Every few weeks I make up a big batch of pasta to freeze in portions for Olivia.  These little meals come in handy for nights when I don't want to cook; or more often, when Jack and I eat after Olivia goes to bed and I need to feed her before we get take-out.  Sometimes I do veggie basil sauce over rotini, or marinara with added veggies to spaghetti; but, like any kid, her favorite is macaroni and cheese.  I hate to buy the boxes of it though because of all the chemicals and artificial coloring and preservatives they put in it.  So I make it for her and it is ten times better and healthier.

I boil half water/half milk in a pot.  Using half milk makes the pasta creamier without a high-cal sauce.
 I toss in some frozen cauliflower and let it soften up, then spoon the cauliflower out and into the blender.  Olivia is not a fan of veggies lately so this is one way I'm able to hide it.  It actually makes the sauce even yummier.
 I pour a cup or so of milk into the blender with the cauliflower, add some grated cheese, salt, pepper, seasoning salt, lemon juice, and a little onion powder and blend it into a sauce (ps. I consider my Blendtec one of the best purchases we have made)
 I boil some whole wheat elbow pasta to al dente, drain it, pour in the cauliflower/milk sauce, grate some more cheese into it
 and mix it up.
 I then portion it into small freezer bags and put them in the freezer.  When I'm ready to use one, I cut the bag in half with scissors and pop the noodles out into a bowl to cover and heat in the microwave.  I'm afraid that if I heat them in the bags, some of the plastic-y chemicals will get in the food :/  thus the bowl.
And that's it!  Super easy, makes 8-10 toddler meals, and is yummy and healthy.

Monday, August 12, 2013

Girl's Weekend!!

My three best friends drove up to spend Friday night and Saturday with me :)  Every so often, the four of us leave our husbands and kids for a night to have some girl time, get away, and reset.  It's amazing.  We ate dinner Friday night at Las Jolla Groves in the Shops at Riverwoods.  AMAZING.

We checked into the Grand America, Jack had packed me a secret back pack that turned out to be filled with treats and goodies!  He's seriously the best and was so awesome to watch the girls while I was gone and even got up at 4am to thaw out breast milk for Berlin. He even texted me and said "I have no idea how you do this every day."  Score :)

Clar gifted us special rings made from spoons!  They are pure silver and were made in Germany in 1921 and are all part of the same set.  Just like us ;)

We then went and got massages at a sketchy place we found on Groupon.  Kassie was basically verbally sexually assaulted by a beefy masseuse.  The rest of us had a good experience though haha!

we stayed up late, talking and snacking.  The next morning we ate Einstein's bagels by the pool, then got ready for the day and went shopping at City Creek

 We were weirdos and went a little nuts with the camera timer in the bathroom. Because everyone wants a pic with their friends in the tub, right? :/

 We stopped for lunch at Blue Lemon
It was a fantastic break and so fun to catch up again with my best friends.   

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