Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Homemade Mac n Cheese

Every few weeks I make up a big batch of pasta to freeze in portions for Olivia.  These little meals come in handy for nights when I don't want to cook; or more often, when Jack and I eat after Olivia goes to bed and I need to feed her before we get take-out.  Sometimes I do veggie basil sauce over rotini, or marinara with added veggies to spaghetti; but, like any kid, her favorite is macaroni and cheese.  I hate to buy the boxes of it though because of all the chemicals and artificial coloring and preservatives they put in it.  So I make it for her and it is ten times better and healthier.

I boil half water/half milk in a pot.  Using half milk makes the pasta creamier without a high-cal sauce.
 I toss in some frozen cauliflower and let it soften up, then spoon the cauliflower out and into the blender.  Olivia is not a fan of veggies lately so this is one way I'm able to hide it.  It actually makes the sauce even yummier.
 I pour a cup or so of milk into the blender with the cauliflower, add some grated cheese, salt, pepper, seasoning salt, lemon juice, and a little onion powder and blend it into a sauce (ps. I consider my Blendtec one of the best purchases we have made)
 I boil some whole wheat elbow pasta to al dente, drain it, pour in the cauliflower/milk sauce, grate some more cheese into it
 and mix it up.
 I then portion it into small freezer bags and put them in the freezer.  When I'm ready to use one, I cut the bag in half with scissors and pop the noodles out into a bowl to cover and heat in the microwave.  I'm afraid that if I heat them in the bags, some of the plastic-y chemicals will get in the food :/  thus the bowl.
And that's it!  Super easy, makes 8-10 toddler meals, and is yummy and healthy.
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