Friday, August 30, 2013

What's Going on Today

and why my husband is the best.

I had to get an implant in my mouth today.  You see, the reason I have braces for the second time in my life is because I am missing a left, bottom molar.  There simply never was a permanent tooth under my baby tooth.  When I got my wisdom teeth out at about 17 years old, the dentist pulled my baby tooth along with them (I'm not sure why).  I then had a spacer made that snapped in between the teeth on either side of the empty space.  The spacer didn't fit very well and so I never wore it.

 Fast forward 8 years and the teeth on either side of that space have moved into it, and my top teeth have also moved inward since there isn't a tooth there to brace them outward.  In October I got braces to open that space back up and put all my teeth back to rights.  Last week the orthodontist determined that the space is big enough again to fit the implant.  So this morning I went in and the dentist cut open my gums in that space where there is no tooth and put a kind of post in, then sewed my gums back over it.  Over the next four months my bone and tissue will grow around that post to secure it in place, just like a tooth root.  I get my braces off in about two months and then in January the dentist will open my gums back up and screw in a crown, which will look just like a real tooth.

I have been going to Stonehaven Dental for my ortho and dental work and they are really amazing.  I was soooo nervous for the procedure this morning (I haven't even had a filling since my baby tooth days!), but Dr Brett was so quick and efficient!  I got just the right amount of laughing gas so that I felt slightly relaxed, but not loopy or sick.  He numbed it just enough that I didn't feel anything, but not so much that my face was numb, and he was super quick.

Even so, he had to cut quite a bit to open up my gums, and my mouth looks a bit grisly.  Jack took Olivia down to our sister-in-law's house and then held Berlin and sat with me through the appointment. He then ordered me to go home and lay down while he picked Olivia up.  He brought a Sprite with mango puree from Slurp up to the guest bedroom for me, made sure I had my laptop, magazine, and some old movies to watch, and then said he had picked up my favorite soup from Zupas for when I felt like eating.  He gave instructions not to come out and that he had the girls for the rest of the night while I relaxed and recovered (even though it wasn't any major procedure).  He really goes the extra mile as a husband, every single day.  I feel so blessed to have him to share my ups and downs with.

So here I am today, relaxing in bed like it is Mother's Day or some other such special holiday :)  I'm hoping the healing is fast and am SO STOKED to have my teeth looking great and all my work complete in just a few short months!
movie choices today include: Calamity Jane (Doris Day), Seven Brides for Seven Bros, and Tammy and the Bachelor.  If you are a fan of old, corny movies and haven't seen these three, please do so immediately.
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