Saturday, September 14, 2013

Our week via iphone pics

I've continued running every other morning at 6:45am.  I know, yuck.  I hate running and I'm not good at it, but sometimes you just need to set a goal and do something hard.  My friends and I are running a 5k in St George at the end of October.  It's a breast cancer awareness 5k and we are running it for Tasha's mom, who passed away.  So there is even more motivation.  My girls wake up at 7:30 so I have to go early.  I am still in the run/walk stage, but will get better.  My ankle has been hurting quite a bit so I ordered some new shoes to see if that helps.  I wear Nike Free's right now, but tried on the Nike Flex's and loved them.  They'll be here Wednesday.

 Olivia put her tracks together like her dad and I showed her, and then ran in to my room to get pillows to prop the track up on just like she has seen us do.  It was the cutest thing, watching her naked little bum run back and forth while she set up her racetrack and then sit up on the couch and send all of her cars down, one-by-one and say "Watch out Mama!"

 I was sitting by Liv and looked down at one point to find an explanation as to why the holes in my yoga pants are getting so big.  It's because they are being absentmindedly explored by tiny fingers as we snuggle on the couch and watch The Little Mermaid.  Ps. Olivia can now sing Kiss the Girl ("Shalalalala" followed by some incoherent babbling) and Under the Sea.

Olivia squished Berlin in the name of love

 Jack bought Liv some fish at Walmart.  Apparently she was enthralled as they walked past the fish tanks, and threw a huge fit when he tried to pull her away.  She made him get three because she needed a Mama, and Daddy, and a Baby.  According to Olivia, the sucker fish is the baby.  She named him Seebee.  It actually might be 'Sleepy' because he lays on the bottom or side of the bowl like he is sleeping, but I can't understand her very well.  When I asked if his name was Seebee or Sleepy she said "Seebee Mom" which didn't clear up much because I still didn't know if she was pronouncing Sleepy wrong.  I put the bowl on her little table, thinking she could just watch them while she played.  When I put some dishes away and then turned back around to see her stirring their water and rocks with my baster, the decision was made to keep them on the piano (which is in the front room, blocked off by a gate) and that she could have monitored visits a couple times a day.  Whenever she goes to visit the fish, she waves and says "hi Seebee!"

 Woody and the alien enjoy watching the fish as well.

 We have had tons of rain this week; and while I love it, it is difficult for Olivia to be cooped up inside. 

 Daddy took pity on her and pushed her around the driveway with an umbrella.

 Then Brooke and Allie rescued us by inviting us to story time at the library.  Olivia stared at the puppets for ten minutes straight, then started Meowing every time the cat puppet would talk.  When the show was over, instead of dancing with the other kids, Liv went to investigate where the puppets had gone to behind the stage.

 Olivia squished Berlin some more in the name of love

Brooke and I went to the Utah Valley Women's Expo and basically bought all the same clothes.  This picture is us trying on skirts out on the sidewalk at a booth.  We will have to call each other every week before church from now on to make sure we aren't matching.  Also, some idiot scratched my Highlander while it was in the parking lot at UVU and the person didn't leave a note.  Someday when I die and go to heaven, I will track down the video reel from that day, watch it, and then go find that person and spirit-punch them in their stupid face.  
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