Monday, October 28, 2013

American Fork Canyon

We took a drive up the canyon the other day and the weather and scenery were GORGEOUS.  I cannot express how much I love fall.  Especially because it contains my favorite holiday, HALLOWEEN!!

 I love living in Utah, I can't imagine us ever moving out of the state.
 Berlin looks like a little Ewok here :D

 I love this following photo because Jack is hidden in the picture. I zoomed in on it and Berlin had focused right on her daddy.  He is reflected in her eyes:

 Jack had to search a ways downstream to find a place where he could cross and get to this rock.  He loved it.  He told me that if we ever got in a fight and I couldn't find him, to go look on his "thinking rock."  I told him that if we were ever in a fight and he left for that long that he'd better take one of the girls with him and off my hands, otherwise I'd be so mad that I wouldn't want to look for him.

 Here's a story about our sweet little Liv:  While Jack was still across the stream (where his rock was) he said he was going to go find his way back across.  As he was walking down, he yelled "Help Livi!  I'm stuck over here!  I'll jump and you catch me!" Just teasing her.  He laughed and started to walk away, but she took him too seriously and thought he really needed her help and so, when he started walking away, she yelled for him and ran out into the water to try to "save" him.  She soaked her pants and shoes and her daddy ended up saving her by carrying her back up to the car.  I love what a tender little heart she has.  She is always wanting to help people and always concerned with our well-being.  I also love her tiny little bum crack in this photo, hehe (and the fact that she is wearing one of Berlin's leg-warmers on her arm). :)

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