Thursday, October 10, 2013

Christmas in September

Jack's sister, Amanda was called to serve an LDS mission for 18 months in Columbus, Ohio and left on Wednesday.  Jack's family is super close and always makes a big deal about holidays.Amanda is the the baby of the family and the fact that she was going to be missing two Christmases was a pretty hard fact to take when she put in her mission papers.  She mentioned this to their sister, Pam, and pam came up with a grand (secret) plan to throw Christmas for Amanda before she left to serve.  We all bought a small gift for each of our kids, to be from Amanda, bought a gift for Amanda (mostly stuff she will use on her mission), and two Saturdays ago her siblings got up before dawn and decorated her house (she lives with her mom between semesters) in full Christmas decor.  Tree, outdoor lights, and everything.  The spouses showed up with the kids at 8am and all of the kids ran into Amanda's room yelling "It's Christmas! It's Christmas!"  Amanda was so confused.  Probably mostly because she was suddenly being crushed by 15 of her nieces and nephews upon waking.  When she walked out and saw the stockings up, the tree, and all of the gifts, and heard Christmas music playing, she burst into tears.  It was really magical.  She was able to have Christmas with her entire family.  The traditions breakfast, games, and then dinner over at their Dad's.  It was really cool to see everyone come together and do this for their daughter/little sister whom we love so much.  And no one loves her family more than Amanda, so we were more than happy to make this little dream come true.
These first two photos are credited to my SIL Kanessa

Here's Liv opening her gift.  An Olivia Lego Friends set.
The Nativity at my father in law's house
As the youngest baby, Berlin was honored with the role of Jesus in the Nativity :)
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