Wednesday, October 30, 2013

I'm so sick of cleaning up poop.

I knew that title would draw you in.  I'm sure you thought "Score!  I love reading about other people's kid's poop!"...right?

this morning we were all four in the car and I smelled poop.

Me: "Livi did you poop?"
Liv: "No Mama, no poop."
Me: "Are you sure?"
Liv: "No poop!"

a minute later Jack smelled it.

Jack: "Livi are you sure you didn't poop?"
Liv: "No! No poop!"
Jack: "Are you telling the truth?" (we've been learning about truth lately)
Me: "Sweetie, you can tell us if you pooped, Mama and Daddy will never get mad about you for poop or peepee."

She stared blankly at me.  After I ran into the store and got back in the car Jack said "I got her to admit she pooped.  I just kept asking her and she finally said yes."

We drove home.

Jack got Olivia out of her car seat.  "There's no poop!" he said.

I looked down at Berlin from where I was standing in her doorway.  She smiled.  I took off her blanket.  Poop everywhere.  Blown out on all sides.  It was my sweet, tiny baby making that smell!

I felt so bad.  We were like overzealous cops who had squeezed a wrongful confession out of an innocent person.

I gave Berlin a bath and put Liv down for a nap.

Two hours later, I went to wake Olivia up.


I cleaned her up.

And washed her sheets.

 For the third time this week.

I'm sick of it.
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